Arduino==> Serial To Midi (Osx Sl)

I’ve been working on using photodiodes and photoresistors inline with a midi controller sketch for the arduino, using the 6 analog ports.
If you have an arduino and really any kind of analog switches here is the thread with the sketch:

The sketch itself works flawlessly.

I used the info on this page to quickly set this up with a breadboard & the photodiodes/photoresistors:

Thing I haven’t gotten a grasp on is getting the serial to midi part working too well. I had some success with win7 after I found the serial-usb drivers I needed to install, however I haven’t been able to figure this out on OSX SL. I read a bit about core midi, I’m thinking it uses java? So I tried mmj, however I read on the site hosting mmj that the latest java 6 is apparently suppose to remove the whole reason to use mmj. I’m kind of stumped.

Anyone have success getting serial to midi on OSX SL working with the arduino?

Okay, writing this post as I’m looking further into this, I just ran screen: “screen /dev/tty.usbserial-A4001tpz 31250”
Using the port the arduino is connected to and the baud the sketch is using, it is outputting similar stuff as I see in the arduino apps serial monitor.

So I know it is communicating, as when I flick a lighter near the photodiode I get all kinds of output from the sketch on the arduino I just need to figure out how to route this MIDI from usbserial into core-midi I guess?

kind of have it working like I had it working in win7.

needed to remove mmj and the rest of the files that needed java 1.5 and use the older version of this:

looks like I may need to alter some of the arduino sketch, for use with the photodiode as it’s outputting a full spectrum of jumbled up MIDI messages. /which does actually sound interesting. :) Especially controlling it with fire.