Are Either Of These Two Features Planned?

1/ FXB import/export for VST FX

2/ Side-chaining of VST FX (so that I could duck a bassline when the kick is playing)

I did a search and couldn’t find mention of them, I would find both of these features very useful!


2/ Side-chaining of VST FX (so that I could duck a bassline when the kick is playing)

Like this idea although I think there is a workaround to get this effect which has been mentioned before (if needed now), think this was in tips and tricks tho…

As I remember a gainer is put in a send track and automated , so that when the kick plays you pull the volume down of anything (bass line in this case) routed there.
(Obviously you do not route the kick to the send and also it should be in its own individual track).
You pull the volume back up in spaces between the kicks.
This may take a bit of experimentation to get it sounding right (tried it a while ago) but increasing the pattern resolution helps.

Hope this helps!


  1. If your only wanting to duck the bassline then a send track is not required atall, you just need to automate the volume in the bassline track.
    The send track only applies if more tracks need ducking.

  2. A gainer is not required as said above as the same effect can be applied using the track volume if you want. A gainer may be useful though if course if you want to boost the signal aswell. (not sure if differences are caused by differing placements of gainer in an fx chain for this effect though… may need some experimentation!)

mmm like this one. I think it’s planned, its probably on a very long todo list.


What’s the word then developers? Are these planned?


Both of offered features would be very usable!

Also many VST FX has own preset lib’s we can’t manage yet in Renoise :(

… so waiting for developers reply …

Maybe this site could feature a condensed overview of to do’s and “proposed and considered” suggestions?

Dunno if this is the way to go.

I would never say to a request that its shit, or that we dont need that or whatever. Every request is made from someone who needs this feature in his workflow. Everyone uses different things, has a different way of composing so this is different for everyone.

When and what features are going to be implemented is still up to us developers, as we :

  1. Have to see how many people have requested it (How important it is for most people - see WIP)

  2. If its possible to implement this feature without breaking the current code or if we have to wait till other stuff was added to make this feature possible without big hacks

So I dont know if its really usefull for you to see whats requested at all and what not. We currently have such a big list of improvements that you will hardly find something thats not in there.
We improve Renoise in small release steps and do what we can to make Renoise more and more powerfull. But our day has also only 24 hours and programing such a complex music app is not done withing some hours.

Keep writing your suggestions. Every suggestion is worth thinking about it and no suggestion will get lost.

Well put. I can live with that. :)

I just realised that I never thanked you for your advice! Well, thank you! :)

i would also really see a real-sidechain function in renoise

(stuff like this is which is heavily used in analogue mixing environments + midicontrol is the only reason to use logic or any other professional sequencer at the moment in my opinion :) )

maybe this will be implemented when that modular effects-chain-stuff comes? (if it will come at all (?) )