Are more people choosting joomla over drupal?

Do any you guys care about cms, or work with it? Does it seem like more people are choosing joomla over drupal? Do you have any idea why?


if nobody responds, its all good… I just figure I would ask here for, “the Renoise opinion.”


Most people are choosing Wordpress. I think a few people are choosing Joomla because it seems a little simpler than Drupal at first, but most people, like me, knows that Drupal is the shit.

Do you have any stats?

(AFAIK part of the Renoise website is built on Drupal.)

I have no stats, I know an IT person for a big university, who volunteered a little time, and a team to do a website for a group I’m involved with, and they choose joomla, and I’ve been scratching my head, trying to figure out why they chose joomla over drupal. Anyways, I guess I will have to ask him, when I see him…

But now I am bothered to help create upload content and stuff, for this joomla site… the site looks great, and I don’t know… I’m checking out joomla, in a local install in web matrix right now, and I am not sure if I, “love it, or hate it.”

Yes. My experience is that amateurs endorse Joomla because there are better pre-made themes for it. Its learning threshold is a little lower, but Drupal is clearly more thought-thru.

I gotcha, and that’s why the joomla site they built is so screwed up on mobile, and will continue to be. Damn, they are not going to rebuild in drupal, and neither am I. However, I will continue with drupal, for some personal stuff I’m doing.

Thanks so much

I really like ProcessWire and use it all the time. It feels like “Drupal lite” in some ways, but it’s extremely powerful and the API is very simple–patterned after jQuery. The author knows Drupal pretty well. His CMS has also attracted lots of former MODx users.

It’s not really for the pre-made theme crowd, though. ^_^

Its really interesting, I looked at it late last night. I’m going to give a shot, I just have to figure out how to install it, using web matrix. :slight_smile:

so… erm, any ideas?