Are Songs With Vst Portable?

I was wondering - if I do a song that uses some VST instruments and effects and I send it to someone who has these instruments and effects installed, will Renoise load the songs properly?

There are two cases in question:

  1. The other user has the VSTs with the exact same name
  2. The other user has the VSTs but with different names.

I am guessing that for the first case it will work, but perhaps there is a way to make Renoise also work for the second case? I mean, isnt there a unique identifier for each VST, besides the name?

To preface, this would make an awesome third party script / application, a best guess XML manipulator which offers what it preg/thinks are substitutes to missing plug-ins.

I’ve had problems in the past where, on my own machine, upgraded plug-ins no longer work. I haven’t looked at how the plug-ins are represented in the XML in a while… but if I recall sometimes renaming the plug-in in the XML did the job. Sometimes it didn’t as there is binary CDATA that the upgraded plug-in fails to understand.

In any case, 1. The other user has the VSTs with the exact same name is pretty much a safe bet, so long as you are on the same computing platform. #2 won’t work.

Same name is probably same version.
Anything incompatible won’t work.
Even if plugins have the same name but are different version, their identifyer number is different and Renoise won’t coop with that. (Or if Renoise does, Renoise may crash due to incompatible plugin parameters)

I made an attempt to export Helix’s default patchbank from the windows edition and import it on Linux its version which is something that didn’t worked either because the Linux version was a slight older plugin version.

Of course, I was referring to same platform transfer.

The reason I was concerned about the name, is that I change all of the VSTs names in my VST folder.
Since in Renoise they appear uncategorized, as a long endless list, I figured I gotta categorize them - so all my VSTs have a prefix (Synth - or Drums - etc.)

It is a little missing that songs are not portable - it was fun back in the ModArchive days… when you could share you silly little ITs and S3Ms and FTs… :)

A lot of us still share our songs, Renoise will tell you what VST’s are missing so that helps a lot. I share any of my songs if someone requests, I learned tracking mainly from examining other peoples songs back in the day :D