Are The Mixer Level Meters Accurate?

When I have the mixer set at 0db, the level meter always shows its peaking at around +3 db? If I have a track set to -12 db why does the level meter show its peaking at around -3? I’ve never really understood why the level meters in Renoise don’t work like any other mixer I’ve used. Am I missing something here?

Umm the sliders work as boost for the signal, as in multiplying the amplitude with the set value. They don’t simply set the peak of the track to that particular level, if I now understand what you meant. To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mixer work in that way.

you are right, you know I actually think it’s just that I’ve been looking at the mixer the wrong way. I thought the level meter went from -24 to +3 with the numbers to the left of it by the slider…but it seems the meter and the numbers aren’t linked., and the meter goes from -inf to 0db.