Are There Any Computer Whizzes Out There To Help Me With A Minor Probl

Hey everyone just wondering if anyone would be able to sort out a problem that I have recently been experiencing with my computer that is starting to get on my tits. Everytime my laptop boots up and then reaches my desktop screen I get an error message which pops up stating:

This action cannot be completed
because the other program is busy.
Choose ‘Switch To’ to activate the busy
program and correct the problem

Then it gives me two options ‘Switch To…’ and ‘Retry’ the ‘Cancel’ button is there but its not clickable. This is really getting on my nerves and I do not want to roll back the system because I haven’t got any saved points and I will loose things.
I have a Sony Vaio Intel Pentium M 1.73GHZ and am using Windows XP SP2 and a wireless lan connection.
Please if anyone could help I would much appreciate it thank you.

try looking at the startup programmes - see if anything weird is happening
have you installed anything recently?
or uninstalled?
does it open properly in safe mode?
hit it a couple of times

i uninstalled a bitdefender trial and then installed a kaspersky trial (im out of anti virus software) but i’m sure that this was happening when i had bitdefender i have failed to try it in safe mode yet i am running a virus skan using kaspersky now to see if anything has got corrupt

ah - f**** safe mode - it’s pretty techie round here it seems, so i’m sure someone can give you better advice - i’d just check the startup programmes

type - msconfig - into the run command in the start menu - hi the startup tab and see if any thing weird is running -

it sounds like the kind of bastard thing norton internet security and its like would do - beat it without mercy until it coughs up its evil heart…

haha thanks a lot mate yeah for the help, i hate norton i had it on here before and it clogged my computer up like a bitch, i am out of virus software so just testing them all now lol i am either considering getting kaspersky or ESET Smart security, kaspersky’s firewall is annoying me at the moment though cant configure it correctly because it is blocking my wireless printer from printing (i have to turn the firewall off to print)

anti virus and that have to be the most annoying software things around - on a tangent - looking at our ‘stats’ on he left - we joined this forum a month or so apart and there have been almost 80 more members in that time -

  • which begs the question - how many times has renoise been downloaded - how strong is the renoise army?


i just dont want to get a virus on here cause i use this laptop for checking emails and its got so many documents on here i know renoise wont give me a virus im not worried about that but emails do they are a pain i had a trojan on my desktop before which needed a total reboot and i lost most of my files which was a pain in the arse, i know its annoying getting anti virus but just dont want to risk it im like one of those business people who worry about everything, but norton is heavy on resources thats why i got rid of it on here it was clogging up my computer.