Are there any Renoisers who are open to couch surfing?

I am visiting Europe in the month of December, starting from Paris and with an itenary to Vienna, Prague and Sweden. If there are any of you who can share a couch for maybe a day or two then it would be great to both meet other Renoisers in person as well as discover the city with a local. For those outside these countries I can adjust my itenary provided I can stay for a little while.

I suppose many won’t like the idea but since I tried couch surfing, it’s great fun and also you get to skip hotel bills. Combine that with Renoise and maybe it can work.

Any ideas?

? Ya well that is only for the women outside the hosts locations and mostly for chilling out not interfereing in anyone’s lives. Full respect will be given to the hosts family and home. There are lots of places for things like that, few months back I was in Amsterdam and Rotterdam and I had good fun there. However Christmas is a different occasion. Europe is also a very conservative society and the homes are normally smaller sized. I tried couch surfing from the app only once and it was a cool experience with the host.

I also travel remarkably light with just a 5 kg mini backpack for communication and electronics items and an extra pair of shoes. Rest all the clothes are on my travel jacket on my body. I keep em clean obviously and am a hygiene freak in general. I take bath even when it’s freezing outside. Winters in Europe are cold though. It’s unlikely I will see any tracker musician via the regular couch surfing app.

If any of you want to stay in India you are most welcome to both of my houses for any length of time.

Just pulling your leg, Victor :smiley:

What I’ve seen of you on the forum, you’re the perfect gent, and normally I’d have no trouble putting you up, but it’s not practical right now.
I was going to mention those websites, but you mentioned an “app” so I suppose you’re already aware of them.

Anyway, best of luck mate, I hope you find a Renoiser to stay with cause that’s gotta be way cooler than just anyone without Renoise :slight_smile:

Ya I know you are pulling it :slight_smile: However thank you for offering to help out. No worries, I know it might not be the best of times, also since Christmas in Europe is normally a very family oriented celebration. But I am determined to have some great fun in Paris Disneyland, and visit Christmas markets in Cologne and Vienna. Back to apps I suppose :slight_smile:

Disneyland is fun for other reasons, you get to be a kid again, hotels to stay and food to eat. Also it’s the 25th anniversary so unique celebrations are underway. Christmas in Disneyland and in Paris will be a great way to brag about 2017:) Most markets will close by the Christmas day after so it’s recommended to visit Europe early and enjoy it till then. The whole Christmas spirit affair dies relatively faster in Western Europe in terms of festivities. Churches would be nice for an all time visit. And back to your original point European women are the hottest in the world and some action is for sure to happen (tee hee hee).

Haha bro you got some really good sense of humour, love your style:D The conclusion you came to is SO literal could make a teddy bear look like Ted Bundy! Of course I love Jazz and computer security you dummy!!! You can’t use thaaat against me… nOooooOoO please don’t lock me out now, it’s freezing, I need hot food and a warm bed…I implore thee Sire, give me couch or I am gonna be a grouch.

Enter meme: Dracula face with big red eyes with text "Can I sleep on your couch today?!?
(You thinking -“WTF I ain’t got time for all this…”.)

I am sure the old ‘witch’ and will be the jewel of my life and will be taken care of with utmost love and respect - only as a friend:D He he that cracked me up…

Side note:
Btw for the rest too who might think I have Indian citizenship so I must be what you get to see on TV or movies etc… I suck at being a good Indian anyways because my nationalistic feelings are betrayed by a highly corrupted government and disjointed society. Also, from my father’s side, they are ancient head hunting tribes from the Sino Tiberian region and hence I don’t identify too quickly with speaking Hindi or representing myself as Indian since I have had a very pan ethnic upbringing. In fact my native language is Garo which is more akin to sounding like Mongolian/Tibetian than any thing close to Sanskrit or the Devnagri script.

Also I don’t even look the part of either as a regular variety Indian guy or even as regular Garo for that matter becos I have mixed ethnicity. Funny thing even my own family from each side look very different from me even though we are related.Works for me though since I get to pretend as if I am a tourist in my own country. That hair I got, most guys do not have that:) Hooray to genetics!

Add to that I have a very strong English accent from years of proper schooling and travels that most from India do not speak like except those few who have had the privilege to study or live abroad or learnt it via exposure to cultures and people that encouraged them. I learnt English from “White Women”, mostly Europeans and that is why I owe so much to them.:slight_smile:

Unlike European societies, the entire Indian community does not have a sense of unity as such especially in current times. Imagine UK with each region and district having their own script and language, how disjointed would that be? Couple that with multiple religions being followed everywhere internally with no cohesive sense of unity and you will get the true picture about what it really means to be living in India.

I have a highly privileged upbringing with my father being a bureaucrat VIP and all that so I always tasted the upper class good life. What I love about being here is that I love having the upper hand and influence at things here in India. I can literally kick someone’s ass and go scott free or intimidate someone to stop on their tracks. Also it’s really cheap to live especially if you make money in Euros and Dollars, and there is an old world feel to many cities especially since India was a British colony for 200 years and that rubs on really fast:)

Wow, that is quite some story. You have got balls definitely. You are welcome to come my house anytime should you wish to visit India again in the future. In fact it’s really cheap for you possibly becos all you pay for is the flights really, food and lodging is really cheap and you could eat and enjoy for less than 10 pounds per day, on a good day, unless you want to splurge. I can cook too so food is for free.

I do understand your point of view becos I travel to other countries often however I am looking to settle in Western Europe some time in near future. Preferably Germany or France or Denmark as the living standards are very high and the society is peaceful. Certainly for my future family, these benefits are what I would love to give to my kids if they have a proper European upbringing. Also education and healthcare is state sponsored and tax dependent, lower levels of teenage pregnancy and street violence etc. This other kind of life where my children and family do not have be an asshole or intimidate someone just to enjoy a day. Not to mention the creativity and cultural heritage of European countries and not like Dubai or USA which basically came just yesterday and have no cultural background of any contributor merit, certainly not on the timescale as China, India or Greece or Russia. The rich lifestyle and easy on the pockets lifestyle of Berlin or the tech hub of Munich and the variety of things to do on any particular day are a boon to someone creative and with artistic sensibilities like me. It’s my goal to eventually settle down full time in one of the countries abroad. UK won’t be part of my plans because as much as I admire the Islands I would not be happy with the current political and econonic climate, and in any case too many Indian Punjabis and Pakis are there already, would feel like a second Dubai. Europe is more stringent, more collected and more xenophobic, which paradoxically I like. Less locals to see on any day which to me actually makes my day, rather funny to think about it. Familiarity breeds contempt as they say.

What you have observed is the Americanization of other cultures that are non English speaking like Japan and South Korea. As the global Esperanto is English, and with the major global market in English, it’s also a business decision to reach a wider market base. Everybody can buy a shoe regardless of the language but subtitling videos can only do so much, hence the acceptance of a culture en mass. Also America is very good at imposing their will down to other’s throats. Their nutty culture of sex, drugs, booze and violence and biker gangs and cowboys have become ubiquitous through television programming and cinema shows worldwide. Even if someone does not know the Prime Minister of their country, they still know who is Angelina Jolie or Madonna. Facebook and social media are also important in this regard where news literally can get viral in seconds spreading like wildfire. We are living by the second without relishing the money that just went by, and with a myopic view of the present without any thought of the future. It’s also historical becos England has colonised a lot of countries in the past hundred s of years just like the Dutch and the Portugese and those elite classes have a key role to play in this globalisation. They realise that culture can only go so far and a cohesive one world culture is far better to maintain an authoritative hold on the world. On the other end, in the Philippines, women are getting trianed in basic English and maid work just to get a low paying job in Dubai or Hong Kong. It’s both economic and cultural reasons along with mass media and various channels of indoctrination why Americanization has happened. USA itself is a corporation not a nation really and it’s constitution is as messed up as it’s corporation owned government. My mother’s families live in the states and till date I have no interest in visiting it barring New York which I will visit in 2018 mostly as part of my music anthropology task to revisit the historical roots of hip hop and jazz.

Donald duck, ya for sure:) I want to also meet Cinderella and give her a kiss, again. But we all know she is taken by the Prince (I just have to prove it to her that he is gay).

The problem with citizens wage is that it will bring the power back to the public. Businesses won’t be able to buy the public’s time by paying them low wages anyways so these entities will not benefit from it. If people have their rent and utilities taken care of and if everyone has a place to put up, it would be an utopia in the making. Police and crime would become more and more redundant as people will be satisfied and educated and afford to live as they want and utilise their time to do what they want.

However on the other end the motivation to work will decrease as people will become comfortable and depend solely on citizens wage. It’s a balancing game to be played well. It’s difficult too becos there seems to be no solution to all this. In an utopia people would lose the motivation to do things, in a dystopia it’s violence and crime and dissatisfaction.

Possibly that is how the social dynamics are created and maintained. Killing the poor would only partially solve the problem. There will always be ranks within ranks as long as people are there.

But it also makes sense in some ways, you see, indiscriminate reproduction has made earth hold the burden of human consumption and wastage of resources. Happy nations are also the ones where the population is less and such societies are also more cohesive and closer to each other, just like ancient tribes like Vikings. Rampant rise in population means more supply and less demand which results in lower wages, since there is always someone who will do your job. If it’s just a numbers game then the public will win obviously, but since it’s a quality over quantity thing and access granted or access denied game then the elites will win eventually because they have some benefits. A crooked mind is one thing, but also power, influence and the system that they have put in place means that they have the leverage. It’s going to be difficult in this world where everything is up for sale. But it’s also our collective world. We will have to stand for human rights. Earth is everyone’s property and we have let some devils take it over just because we were goody two shoes choir girl priss all this time. Satan is smart and it is his world for now. But he will lose the end game so it’s best we stick to ours.

Anyhow, the purpose of human beings seems like a genuine mystery. We really do not know or remember where are we from. What is our collective or individual goal or what any of this is actually. Once that feeling settles in it’s quite eerie that we do not have a source or a destination beyond a lot of conjecture and speculation.

David Icke’s work seems to be borderline fantasy but some of what he says make sense. However I say that being part of this world is not too bad after all, we still get to live and enjoy the good things, so let’s make the most of it while we still can.

About citizenship, marrying a Indian woman is the easiest way to do it faster, though you possibly will have to stay in her Indian house for 10 years or so before you are handed your own passport. There are other means of naturalization as well like purchasing a residence and living abroad and then applying for citizenship after a few years have passed by. Life is really boring here and in no way your children would like any of this. With your citizenship and passport I recommend moving to Thailand which is a far better and cohesive society that accepts foreigners for permanent residency. Apparently lot of French and Italian restauranteurs have moved to Thailand for full time work and living. Even many folks from India have settled there. It’s a lot easy on the pockets while providing world class tourism and the real Asian spirit. India is nothing spiritual anymore and any one who comes here in search of peace of mind or spiritual journey must be genuinely misguided by marketing. It’s basically a mafia state that just gets by. And Asian values are sorely missed. People do not respect their elders or talk properly to each other. People are normally by default hostile and distrustful towards each other. Taiwan and South Korea are also great Asian countries to live in from what I hear. Delhi in India is the only city being the capital where red tape is minimum and where a fair amount of expats have set shop. They mostly have business goals and it’s a cheap city to live in once you have accomodation taken care of. It also has the highest amount of air pollution very much like Shanghai where the morning starts with a think smog. Health concerns are at critical levels and even I personally do not visit Delhi for this reason. You could however try to settle somewhere colder and higher like Ladakh or Nepal where you might find your peace and quiet. I have had enough of Asian culture and I can see through most of their rituals and traditions and mindset so I want different. Europe still has a lot to offer in my opinion.

Well Indian women are for the most part overly traditional but that only applies to the more rural ones. Today’s urban Indian women go to night clubs and juggle multiple boyfriends and mostly ape their Western counterparts to a reasonable degree. Many Indian women would love to settle down with an English guy and it’s not that they have to break any religious ties nowadays since things are a bit more liberal than before. However in my opinion many of them have had years or generations of female abuse and that sort of filters down to today’s women as well. They tend to harbour paranoia and fear rather easily. Also many are not health conscious and do not exercise and smoke and drink. Couple that with their hidden desire to be fair and a society that indoctrinates them with rules all the time, their behaviour and mental health betrays being full of insecurity. The average Indian diet is full of spices, ghee and wheat products which is not too healthy and this quite many of them suffer from bowel syndrome and constipation and delayed mensuration in addition to garden variety anorexia and bulimia. The quest to look fashionable and cool all day long on a limited diet and junk food eventually takes its toll. Honestly sometimes I feel for them even though I have no real sympathy.

Another reason being since my origins are more of an established immigrant, our social norms are very different from rest of India. We have a matrilineal society and the women get first priority and privilege of the family. The daughters and wives get the property and land and the name of the mother propagates to the name of the son and daughters in the family. This ensures that women are bound in duty and happiness from a marriage and that the men remain faithful to their wives. Also inner tribe marriage is not allowed but inter tribal or outsider marraige is encouraged, this ensures genetic vigour and elimination of recessive genes to negligible combinations that in contrast many other communities suffer from. Mary Kom is the first Indian woman to win in the Olympics in Boxing. She also happens to be from our North East states in India where our tribes look more East Asian like the Chinese or Tibetian than mainland Indian.This sort of vigour comes from a society here women are loved and supported. Right now India is a rape capital and 99 percent of that happens in the mainland states in Uttar Pradesh and Southern States. Blatant disrespect of women’s rights and a double standard culture in the mainland where they worship women dirties but treat their own women like filth.

So settling down in India would mean knowing the customs and traditions all over again in terms of a foreign culture, in my opinion it’s a lot like the Escobar movie, where the boy and girl may love each other but the family itself is entrenched in dirty business and out to actually kill you if needed. Also India will be forever the most xenophobic country in the world, with reason of course. You will always be seen as a foreigner. Our Congress party leader is an Italian woman who married Rajiv Gandhi our erstwhile Prime Minister, she is somewhat accepted becos of a high profile marriage and while the society is tolerant for marriage, other aspects of living will be constrained. Indian women are one of the a most damaged in the world. They may be loving but a lot of that comes from fear and tradition not by default. But yes, some women are worth it but that goes for every country in the world.

Mafia state meaning the level of corruption and nepotism is at an all time high and the power game is played by political affiliations who mastermind a lot of events and incidents all related to party politics. Whoever has more muscle or more money (who purchase more muscle then) usually wins the game.

Europe might take some rights away but is unlike gun laws in the United States, and the last thing I would want is to engage in a gunfight with an American society folk. They are so much in turmoil and struggle that I could dress up as Mickey Mouse and they would shoot me in a heart beat. At least we do not have free gun laws and this gun related paranoia is at an all time low. But violence still continues to extreme degrees everyday. It’s just human nature. Women get burned and drowned and maimed by acid or simply lynched or thrown off the roof…the list goes on. Female foeticide is at an all time high. The mainland Indians who I refer to as the Hindus or traditional Indians are the major culprits in all this. This sort of stuff never happens in our tribal societies and states in the North East. To think of it we are actually barbarians with our ancestors all these years never even letting anyone enter our lands and beheading them, yet we are the softest when it comes to our women and children. For a large part of regular India this is sadly the opposite. Male ego has taken over and they find it difficult to maintain a straight face as their lands get repeatedly occupied by foreign invasion and so to compensate for lost pride they mistreat their own folk, quite the opposite to our differing cultures. Europe has lowest levels of teenage pregnancy, gun violence is really negligible, drug abuse is practically non existent certainly as social issue metric, health is way better than USA and other countries, happiness index and life satisfaction is very high in those countries, so something must be going right for some European countries. As we go east in Europe things start to resemble India with poverty, corruption and disorder.

European women have better genes for sure, taller, fairer and more healthier certainly by Indian standards. I am not racist or anything just stating stereotypes and the local mentality and national attitude, as well as simple genetics. India is in a mess with economic concerns and centuries and decades of social evils and mismanagement, it’s not the best of times to settle anyways. When a country cannot build roads and have clean parks and roads you know you have a problem. Last year an entire bridge collapsed in my city of Kolkata just because the builders were using poor quality cement deliberately, and just look at the consequences. Those people are in jail now causing the death of so many daily commuters, it became a matter of shame for our state ministers. Cutting corners and compromising others time and values means that our society has become very dog eat dog, mostly just to get through the next day.

Not a good prediction and I see things ending very bleak anyways. Another reason being that geologically India will have recurring earthquakes and eventually it will collapse with Mt. Everest crashing down to collosal destruction of the sub continent. It’s a doomed nation in due time. If you look at East Asian countries and South East Asian countries there are a lot of similarities both terms of the physiognomy and languages and cultures and social attitudes. India is smack in the middle with things more common to Middle East and UAE and Pakistan than either Africa or USA or Australia and the like. It’s too unique for its own good and is thus comparatively a global minority in terms of demographic count. Yet our nationalist slogan says ‘The best in the world, our nation of India’ (translated) and not one educated person from India believes this bs.Problems are galore for India and its eventual destruction is just one of them.

Switzerland is a nice country for sure. However it’s really expensive and almost like an Utopia. In terms of concept even the French government is quite alike, they pioneered the 17th Century French Revolution after all. The French will not let the government misbehave. However in reality the current government needs to re-establish French rights and not let the Islamic community take things out of hand. Germany is unique becos it has caused so much deaths since WW II that out of goodwill and embarrassement Germany will try it’s best to be a model country and society, and judging by its economy it seems to do very well indeed. Between Germany and Switzerland if I have to work in the software industry or experience the rich nightlife and music scene in Berlin then I suppose Germany does it for me. But Switzerland is also a very top contender. More things to do basically. After living in India a perfect government is not what I am exactly looking for since I know from experience I can live in a highly imperfect one too. But Middle East never, I am neither muslim not a radical not a fan of anything that side so it will never pique my interest again that is for sure, I worked in Dubai for a year and I learnt a lot from that stint. So my choices are rather limited but they are world class on what they can potentially offer to someone with full time residency in mind. It’s both a risk and a pursuit that is worth it. With your UK passport Of suppose you could live in Switzerland with a lot more ease than any regular Indian passport holder, why don’t you try it then if you feel that UK is not what is used to be? Might be worth it the effort.

@Renoised: I posted something on LinkedIn that might just add to the conversation that we are having. It was regarding working remotely as a business lifestyle, something which the business world is touting nowadays as a kool thing. Mostly I think it’s a pretentious way to acknowledge those who have beat the system in one way or the other, just so that it remains as a motivator for 9-5 folks to work harder to achieve it, as if that was the only way. Btw you are way senior to me in way of experience and at 40 according to statistics it says it’s the age when men feel most content and satisfied with life. Maybe you can shed some light on this? How is married life btw, what is your experience with marriage and kids ? I would love to know that:)

“Just visit Chang Mai to see the tech startups work like this. I believe your personal time is the most important asset you have, money can be replenished but your time will never be hence I prefer to make the most use of it and make milestones and goals a priority rather than money. Money is like bullets, you can feel free to horde them but if you do fail to hit your targets in life and make your bullet collection your achievement, I think that is where a large number of people get it all wrong. Your bullets will either demonetize or devalue or will be stolen by someone else, making use of it is more important than just spending time endlessly collecting it. An expert assassin can kill with one bullet what a regular person would like to horde more and more to feel secure and that fear is the largest reason why an arms race of money has established itself in the current economy which is a diluted form of masking one’s insecurity. On the same topic instead of focussing on cash flow day in day out, if everyone spent time to learn one musical instrument, travels new countries every year and widens his or her horizons, writes one novel, plants one tree every 6 months, helps their neighbours and every person that he meets on the way and if everyone invested in their health and happiness instead of fuelling their insecurity and chasing fiat money - then the world will be somewhat on a direction towards a better place. It is also a rather oversimplified process to think that a singular number called your net worth signifies any thing of value over time and your own life. You certainly cannot take your money to the after life so the desire to line ones grave with financial derivatives seems like a very bad move. Sure wealth in its various forms have had implications over the centuries, but in a more civilized society it seems the children are being denied their true childhood and youth their freedom and fire in their blood by stressing them out with just option, make some money or you ain’t sh**. Society tells them all this while they are still young so that the indoctrination process remains well ingrained. This vicious cycle is much like the scam and cheating of child marriage where similarly the best time of one’s youth is spent on accumulation of fiat currency rather than aiming for anything else of real worth least of all their freedom to do what they really would like - instead they get cheated very early and lose their innocence early too and then it’s all good luck if they make it. Forget about mastering 5 foreign languages, exploring opera, building street smart skills with Muay Thai, playing Bach’s Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring on fingerstyle guitar, finding time to read Proust or visiting Vietnam in Winter - rather do a regular job first so that security comes first, everything else last. Basically it’s all fiat money and it’s a fear based economy with a debt oriented business model. Funny thing, even a lot of startups are finding it difficult to get funding from banks becos the established players have made it very difficult for the rest to even enter the game. So it’s monopoly now, whatever happened to free markets and freedom of choice either. Time is money, so they say, so use your time well and then make money, but then you realise all that time is spent just making money. Good luck doing anything else with your life AFTER your best years have left you. Ha ha ha biggest joke of the millennium.”

@Eatme: Buahhahhahhahhaahhah :slight_smile: The Renoise demo broke the deal for me. What you need money so badly or what…rent for 6000 euros …fuuuuuck, so expensive:D

@Renoised: Sorry for the late reply, was out on weekends. Tall European maid definitely does it for me :slight_smile:

On the topic of which place to get isolated in India, the North East states of Meghalaya and Nagaland are particularly Western culture friendly and the least Xenophobic of the lot in terms of welcoming foreigners from Western countries. This has got to do a lot with how British and American missionaries met with our tribes and spread the word of the Bible when they realised that our Demographic, language, ethnicity and cultures was vastly different from that of early India mainlands. Also because fighting with us meant that we only wanted isolation to begin with and are basically fighting to protect their homes, and we were particularly discriminative onwho the trespassers were to begin with. This meant that fostering a friendship would mean more to penetrate the highly inhospitable jungles and actually learn from one another. Their anthropology goals were achieved along with cultural penetration and spreading of Christianity. Before this happened all the tribes in Nagaland and Meghalaya had animistic religions meaning we worshipped the river gods or the sun god and so on.

So fast forward barely 80 years and here we are at the helm of civilization at 2017. The inner suburbs and villages in Khasi hills are truly isolated in terms of electricity availability and entertainment options if TV and YouTube is more your thing. It’s a virgin land of sorts inhabited purely by the native Khasi and Jaintia tribes. Tura and other places in West Garo hills are not my recommendation because the climate is warmer and the villages are very homogenous and self contained. However Christianity is very widely practiced everywhere in these regions and people are very welcome to join their routines. Barring language barriers everything else is naturally available from sunlight and pure air to water and chilly winters and warm summers. However life is also a little tough since you have to be busy with daily chores in a back breaking manner sometimes. Farming and agriculture are the main duties out here.

Apart from this you could always settle in Ladakh area again near the Himalayas and it’s very high above sea level and quite cold as well. The tourist culture out there mean that true isolation would be limited though it is kinda peaceful there too.

Kasol in Himachal Pradesh is one more place for a getaway where there are already significant nunbers of German English Israelis setting up permanent camps and shops and who live this hippie and backpacker lifestyle.

I am seeing that more and more people in highly developed countries like Japan, Denmark and Finland and Switzerland and others do not marry early or have children early or even skip having them altogether. It is also found by research that less populated regions are more happy with their community and feel more kinship and closeness than densely populated ones. There is also naturally less violence and crime. Seems many are sharing this world view that having kids in current times of high population count and resource wastage is not the best of decisions, and of course we are reaching critical levels on every chart and meter. However marriage might also mean sharing your time and lifestyle with a girl or boy of your liking and that would certainly be fun when it happens. There would be sacrifices to be made but the pleasure of knowing someone intimately is also a unique experience on its own. Currently live-in relationships are the trend and childless couples are on the rise. It’s quite possible that no one wants to make commitments to each other, especially with property and money being divided legally and such entanglements in case things go awry. Curious times we live in, seems it is a naturally occurring social backlash against the population overgrowth and something tells me it’s the earth and the universe making us do so, so that we do not become the next dinosaurs.

Thanks for sharing your ideas :slight_smile: I can understand what you are saying. Regarding Paul Merton’s serire, yes I saw them all and enjoyed it a lot as well. His style of presentation is actually very realistic and unbiased when it comes down to his reviews and overall episode tone and mood. It’s not like some travelogue or Anthony Bourdain like esoteric food investigation but rather a one man’s view on what his experiences were during his travels to an Asian subcontinent.

Gordon Ramsay also has travelled quite well and his episode from Great Escape in India where he visits North East India in Nagaland and gorges on local food and culture was a very good theme indeed, and very accurate depiction of rural or interior life in that particular state. There are also some national geographic documentaries on these regions.

Mira Nair’s Unesco film on the Garo or ‘Achik’(mountain men) culture is more an anthropological documentary with music by Nitin Sawhney and while I find it a little tripe to my tastes and certainly not a representation of modern Garos, it does have a place as a cultural annotation of an ancient tribe albeit done as a day to day life narrative in one small village than an actual cultural overview.

Thank you very much @Renoised for your insights and sharing your experiences, I really appreciate it ? Well I am exploring the Couch Surfing app and am going to host one guest this week. Let’s see how the experience goes and then I can do similar when I go to Europe. In my experience nothing beats paying for quality but sometimes, and I mean sometimes, the payment does not provide full value for money so a little exploration would not hurt. Cheers!

To any of you who might be on a similar setup to travel extensively and are reading this post, I found some very good options.


Working Traveller

Couchsurfing (but it’s unpredictable initially).

All of them are paid options valid for an entire year. So I see of it being like this, you could technically stay an entire year or two living on someone elses property for free while still having time to do your own work and travel, bearing only transportation expenses and visa or documentation. Still beats paying rent month after month:)

My experience with, fare is just 27 dollars for the one year single traveller option. I already have contacted 7 hosts and 4 hosts have contacted me for staying in their arrangments. I have 17,000 hosts on the host list from all continents. Two of my invitations are from Europe one in Sweden and one in Austria. I am going for a Bangkok gig first to build my profile reputation points. Locally in Goa and Delhi, Nepal, Kasol and Mumbai many hosts on the lookout for volunteering and long term stay, some even with a pay.

Work ranges from website design to writing and marketing or gardening and teaching or videography and even music production (!). It varies as each host is different, working hours are 20 hours per week expected. In Bangkok I will be working in the reception area and doing computer maintenance (right up my alley), playing music in the bar area if required and mostly talking to guests. Free dorm bed and food. I get to pay for flights (including return) to Bangkok 100 dollars. Visa 20 dollars. Duration of stay 1 month. I love the free food part. One month of fun and stay for 120 dollars initial costs is cool. Also added free trip to floating markets and temple sights and other stuff.

I am not expecting all smooth rides but for this low expenses and the travel factor this beats Couchsurfing and AirBnB hands down. AirBnB still means a you pay for accomodation. For short trips or rushing by it’s a fine but for long trips why pay for hostel or hotel when you I can I stay for free. It’s also easy to spread thin and just like music gear it pays to engage in one resource deep enough before you move to the next and build speed with time.

Bon journo to anyone who feels like getting out of their studio and getting some sunlight.