Are There Any Song-production-workflow Videos Or Written Tutorials?

I have watched that one set of videos in the WIKI section but it doesn’t really show a song production process.

I have also read through the WIKI but I would love to see/read a tutorial by some experienced Tracker user that shows the usual workflow.

Workflows are may, there are several ways to accustom yourself using a tracker.
The video tutorials explain the inner basics of using it you need to know so you can really do something with it.
Renoise comes with a few tutorial songs that (look in the songs folder) show another few tricks that you can use along the way.

Another part of the workflow is picking with which element you like to start:rythm, bass, chord or melody. There are no real rules or best guidance for that, usually one picks that element he or she feel most acquinted to (a line that calls up positive emotions or vibes) and bases the song upon that.
Mostly the first two or four patterns set the whole aspect of your song, maybe change a key somewhere eight patterns later.
You can either extend your first few patterns to make it contain all elements and then clone them a couple of times so you can remove assets in the beginning of the song to build up your start.
The clone part in the pattern arranger makes lives of many musicians easier, because they can instantly duplicate a complete part of a song for change without having to manually duplicate things pattern by pattern.
It also makes it easier to create multiple variations of the same ranges of patterns without boring your audience.

Making music is all the same no matter how you produce it, using a tracker for it just requires different techniques than playing a real guitar and hand-write your tablature.

i found going through the modules on the amiga ftp pubs, is really all the instruction needed.
just sit back and watch a tune you enjoy repeat itself a few times.
then while its running, just go through muting the occasional track here an there, so you see which tracks are doing what. an then discerning between what commands are being invoked & what your hearing begins to make all the sense in the world.

DIY ethic, runs through the history of tracking just like blood runs through our viens.

there is a tremendous amount of writings (read-me’s) on tracking that should not go neglected.

Thanks for the help. Ya, at the end it comes down to your own experience but I think even from the advertising point of view it would be great for new comers to quickly see how the song production is done in Renoise. I am sure this would attract new users.