Are These Bugs Or Not?

Hi all, I hope you’re having as fun as I have with Renoise!

I want to check three observations with you before cluttering in Bug Reports. None of these is any problem at all, just want to confirm that it’s the expected behaviour:

Moving a vst effect between columns in Mixer View (drag-n-drop) closes the effect’s open external GUI.

Let me stress again that these are not complaints, just stuff that caught my attention so want to make sure it’s all ok.

Thanks a lot!

They should go into the envelopes when the small option for this is enabled:
See icon in the Pattern Editors Control bar. Next to the Quantize & KeyJazz Icon

Thats just fine (necessary) and does not really hurt?

My mistake, I was completely sure I tried with both modes but I see now that it works as expected. Must have accidentally double clicked… Sorry!

As said before, it’s not a problem, I’m just checking. Maybe a little surprising when just moving an effect between columns, but again not a problem.

Thanks a lot!