Are Vsti Multiple Outputs Planned For Renoise ?

i’ve tried renoise in the past and it didnt supported vstis with multiple outputs … but there are so many updates now… with 1.8 coming…will it support it?

(sorry if this has been asked ton of times before…ive done a forum search but all i could find were posts saying it wasnt supported, yet)

edit :

… when i try to write text on vsti guis (like naminng a patch) …the text doesnt gets written…renoise captures the keyb and midi notes are sent to the vsti… is there a way to disable this ?

If there would be multiout support, it should have been in it already, all other updates and additions done during beta are all minory things that could be done in a jiffy. (either because it was peanuts work or there was already prepared code that allowed the finishing touch for final implementation)

Your text editing wish:check the “enable Keyboard” checkbox on the lowerleft part of the VSTI editor frame to let Renoise set the keyboard focus to the VSTI, you can then perform all that kind of changes.

thanks for all the answers…youre a pal… :D