Argh.. No Inspiration.. Lots Of Free Time


It’s been a very long time since i had this much spare time. So of course i sat down behind my pc and keyboard to attempt to write my next masterpiece… Soon i found out that although i have 3 whole days free from work, i have no inspiration to go write a song…

I couldnt think of a decent melody, couldnt make a proper beat… i’m panicking right now… So what do you guys do in situations like this… I need to have that track done… my fans are very demanding :(

Don’t force it. Don’t try to hard. I do something completely different like go for a run or go out and take a beer or whatever. When your mind is set on something else ideas will pop up from the subconcious you.

try to go out for a walk, possibly taking an audio recorder with you.

If you have an idea, whistle it into the recorder (even if you will manage to remember the melody until you turn renoise on. some magic will let you forget it in the exact moment in which you will start writing it down).

The walk, some social life, some interest in something else, will surely get the clouds off of your mind.

At least this kind of work for me, and worked this time too: I’ve taken some holydays from work (from thursday to monday included), and yesterday I’ve already written some minutes of music :yeah:

Try to focus on techniques you do not master yet. You already suggested it yourself make a cover song that you think is out of your league. Usually this will get new insights straight away and bring up new ideas and moods. At least this is what I do… Don’t panic and just keep going! May the force be with you :D

I’ve forgot to say: listen to other music!

Even something which is just just simple and catchy can give me some good ideas, or just a good mood, to create something more complex

Agree with Rick. Just try out techniques, re-examine the Renoise keyboard-shortcuts to see if there are any surprises there, read tips&tricks, the manual etc… Or maybe just try to brush up on some VSTi you’ve never quite gotten the hang of. Understanding mastering techniques…

Lots to do, fiddling with music doesn’t always have to produce tunes. :)

like some already said, you have to do something else for a while… have some rest from music making… you will come back after that full of ideas and enthusiasm… :)

at least it works for me :)

After i’d listened to some music i found a track with the perfect beat for my future song (Enkryption_-_LongDivision) … of course i made the beat myself but LongDivision helped me find the right drumarrangement. Made 2 patterns of a 10 track techstep/breakbeat drumsection and then i went to bed.

Now i’m going to the gym first and then i hope i can work on the arrangement for the soundscape and melody. I don’t want a dark track, but dancey and hip like freestylers :)