argument (REJECTED) Lemur V's Renoise

Hello all,

I have been trying to run (successfully I may add) Lemur app with Renoise. In Lemu’s editor, if I set-up a simple button with OSC, and then say /renoise/transport/start, I receive:

/transport/start with 1 arguments (REJECTED)

I booted PD (Pure Data) and checked to see if that works and it does.

Any ideas, tips, support, pat on the back are welcome.


Good question. In Reaktor I also have to find out how to send a message with zero arguments. It’s not a renoise issue then, though.

Maybe fsck with GlobalOscActions.lua?

Thanks for the reply. It is a little frustrating, and I have just opted to midi learn the buttons instead. You know what…it works and I suppose it will do for now.

I will conquer on and see if I manage OSC. By the way on the Lemur site, it shows how to OSC with Reaktor. It seems Reaktor is far better set-up for OSC than Renoise? Not sure, I don’t have Reaktor. Maybe another distraction to buy later on in life!

Keep me posted if ya find something.