Arguru's Voyager Help...

Hi guys…

i am quite new to renoise (and music production in general) and i have found arguru’s voyager.
The only problem is that there are a couple of the controls that i dont quite understand. So may question ultimately is can anyone either explain a couple of things for me or point me in the direction of some kind of documentation, guide or whatnot.


Arguru’s Voyager is a pretty complex synth in that it has all its parameters exposed. Personally, I find this fascinating and I love it for that (and for its great sound, of course). However, this may be quite intimidating for someone just starting with synthesis.

I suggest you check out and look for some simple entry-level synth. Just to get a grip on the basics.

The way FM is handled is a bit confusing, the freq of Osc4 is used to modulate that of Osc1 for instance, with no visual clues or way of changing it.

Such a shame the developer is no longer with us :(
I use it all the time but it could’ve been so much more.

Anything specific you dont understand about it?

thanks for the posts guys. :D

You just cleared up a little bit for already about the FM, some of the other things i am unsure about are,

  • Sync
  • Reserved
  • Kbrd
  • PBnd


I’ve not tried voyager, but from the names of those parameters I would guess that:

Sync: in (virtual) analogue synths, ‘sync’ generally refer to one oscillator being synced to another. Enabling sync will most often produce a ‘harder’ sound, whereas no sync will produce a more ‘broad’ sound (often in combination with slightly detuned oscillators).

Reserved: no clue? Sounds advanced…

Kbrd: probably stands for ‘keyboard tracking’, and most often used to make the actual tone being played affect another parameter, such as filter cutoff or velocity. Good feature to have, when your sound is too loud in the upper frequencies.

PBnd: Pitchbend? Again, I’m guessing. When pitchbend is stated on a synth, it is most likely to determine the pitch bend range (the number of tones that you can ‘bend’ using the pitch wheel)

As danoise said, Sync means the two (or more) oscillator’s waveforms will always be in phase, even when detuned.

Reserved I think does nothing, possibly a placeholder for something Arguru had planned.

Kbrd affects cutoff, with a positive number the higher the note the higher the cuttoff, negative does the reverse.
You can get sort-of microtonal scales (like kraftwerk’s ‘it’s more fun to compute’) by setting the resonance to near 1.0 with this.

PBnd routes midi pitchbend values to the cutoff.

ahhhhhh :w00t:
very usefull information guys, now its time to play :walkman:

thx for posts