I sat down and tried to get the arpeggio command working the other night, but I just couldn’t do it.

Could someone please post some detailed instructions, and a visual example of notes and commands etc?..

thanks heaps


Currently it only works on samples (not vsti and midi) maybe thats why you have trouble?

From what I gather, the arpeggio command is a hangover from the days when trackers had trouble doing chords (i.e. with four tracks, you’d use up three of them to do a triad, which wasn’t really an option if you wanted other things going on as well.) To get around this limitation, the arpeggio command would fire three notes in extremely quick succession in an attempt to simulate a chord…so it’s not really an arpeggio in the sense you’d expect.

In Renoise, you can happily trigger multiple notes in the same track all at once, so no need to use the arpeggio command. It can still be useful in drumming, though - try it on a snare sample and you can get some interesting results.

Of course, this begs the question, can we request a trancetastic arpeggio command in the commonly expected sense… :)

I was using samples, but just getting nothing…

I’d probably never use it, but am still interested to see it in action

Try this with a sample of some sort:

c-400 … 0000

Give that a listen. Then make it:

c-400 … 0037

…and listen again. Hear any difference?

EDIT: Importantly, you won’t get the effect unless you press play. Hitting return/enter on the line it’s on won’t trigger it.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go.


Edit: sweet

by putting a
C-4 0037
you are asking to the tracker to do this:
on a three ticks base loop, play the following note sequence:
C-4 shifted 3 semitones up (D#4)
C-4 shifted 7 semitones up (G-4)

so, if yu are using renoise at speed 7 (F0007), at each row, the sequence played will be
Each note has one tick duration.

This effect creates some weird and good effects when using it at higher and lower BPM values.

ReNoise’s arpeggio is linear (it is always based on a 3 steps sequence), while FT2’s arpeggio was variable (read: was buggy), depending on the speed value.

Neurotix was an arpeggio master: check his 10 light years from Earth (play with XMPlay or FT2 please)