I think it would be really great to add a arpeggiator as a korg emx1 season but I do not if it is technically possible because it will set a arpeggiator who remembers the keyboard.

Not a bad idea. An arpeggiator similar to synth1 or even vanguard for every instrument would be handy. You could tweak the options from instrument editor.

hmm an arpeggiator based on sample buffer might be very usefull - could be used not only for samples but for synths too.


+1 on arpeggiator or trance-gater.

I find myself only using VSTs with comfortable arpeggiators and trance gaters, and I am sure missing a lot.
My most favorite implementation is in Nexus - both the arpeggiator and trance gate are just excellent - easy to use and effective.

it’d be super awesome if Renoise contained an arpeggiator. perhaps some sort of meta-device.

The ability to use MIDI generating VSTi would be cool enough for me


I was playing around with Live last night, and though I fled back to Renoise as usual I couldn’t help but miss these three midi plugins:

Chord would be especially nice in Renoise, since writing chords is such a pain.

yes, that would make an internal arpeggiator in renoise obsolete.
im with it.

Hey, guys!

And what about incorporating this suggestion and this my device? “Step Sequencer” device could be assigned even to… NOTES VALUES!!! And so we will get arpegiator and trance-gater in one box!!! :P


A tool for the easy insertion of chords, besides would be great!…st&p=170753
how about this one? ;)