ARPIE midi arpeggiator

I’m going to be selling these soon on (watch the spelling…) Tindie. Here is a sort of overview of what it can do.

The full features list is as follows…

  • Arpeggio modes: Up/Down/Up-Down/Randomised/Manual
  • NEW Polyphonic gated chord mode
  • Octave span: 1 – 4 octaves
  • Note insertion modes: None/Lowest/Highest/3 forward-1 back/4 forward-2 back
  • NEW Force to scale option - 7 musical modes/11 root notes/selectable out-of-scale note handling
  • Step length: 1 beat thru 1/32 beat including dotted and triplet time steps
  • Octave transpose: –3 thru +3 octaves
  • Chromatic transpose: –3 thru +12 semitones
  • NEW Transpose by MIDI keypress
  • Chord hold mode
  • 1-16 step play/rest pattern (selected steps played or muted)
  • NEW 1-16 step accent pattern (selected steps played at full velocity)
  • NEW 1-16 step glide pattern (selected step played at full duration or tied to next note)
  • Selectable MIDI transmit/receive channel + OMNI receive mode + MIDI thru + MIDI panic + NEW MIDI “Channel Mode” message filter
  • Interactive control over MIDI note velocity, note length, tied notes mode
  • Internal MIDI clock with BPM select and tap tempo/send master clock/slave to clock input
  • Clock input from main MIDI input or separate dedicated MIDI clock input socket
  • MIDI lock mode to ignore note input (useful when controlling multiple ARPIEs in a chain)
  • Performance possible without attached MIDI controller using chord insert feature
  • Works great with other ARPIES. Cheap enough to use a bank of hardware arpeggiators in a composition or performance setup for hands-on tweaking.
  • Minimal, but easy-to-use control surface is based on 16 data LEDS, 16 data buttons, 13 command buttons
  • 6 pin “Hack Header” expansion port breaks out power and four GPIO lines.
  • NEW Standard firmware allows three standard potentiometers to be wired up to hack header and configured to control MIDI CC’s, Mod, Bend, BPM, Velocity etc
  • Three standard 5-pin DIN sockets for MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, SYNC IN
  • Receive, Transmit, Beat Clock and Chord Hold LEDs on control surface, firmware diagnostic/power LEDs on main board, reset button.
  • Integral 9V PP3 battery holder and 9V DC socket (2.1mm barrel) which works with either polarity plug.
  • Small size (98mm x 87mm x 35mm approx dimensions) and light weight (approx 125g without battery)

What do you think?


Le Strum is much cooler imho :walkman:

Awesome work.

I could see this, and that Le Strum thing working side-by-side :dribble:

The site is now up, its as reasonably priced as I could afford to make it

Indeed the LeStrum is also great, and I may well get a few of those in too. Try it with absynth, harps and slow evolving sounds are incredible with it!

There is also talk of sending to CV

II’m nearly sold of of the first run, will be stocking cases and LeStrums soon!

This is pretty cool!

And now the Le Strum is available fully constructed!

Looks savage