Arrhythmic Orange - Artifical Forest

Hey there,

So with this track I tried to create several natural sounds using a synth… Bird Calls and Cricket-like sounds.

Any thoughts would be great :slight_smile: good bad or so so :slight_smile:


Perfect bass ducking on the kick. I like that reverse snare before the open snare hits. Cool track, relieved a bit of my stress.

EDIT !!!

SORRY! Apparently I was listening to your track “Hunter” when I wrote the comment below, NOT as the thread says “artificial forest”. Sorry about that

Hey again! So I am listening to this track, and the supersaw is soooooo lush, it immediately reminds me more than a little bit of “Ian Van Dahl - Will I”, but that is not a bad thing because I used to LOVE that song.

Ah, dubstep. I will have to neither confirm nor deny whether I like this genre. I guess to make it more authentic, you need to add more 200hz on your snare. I will say I love it when the supersaw pad comes back in.

I never heard the bird calls or crickets on the first listen.

Well, I like this track, really nice chords with the supersaw… You got some skills… Now let’s keep making our skills better! (Myself included)



P.S I’ll have to check out more of your stuff on Soundcloud soon