Arrow key gets 'stuck' going in one direction

This happens quite often but seems to be somewhat erratic. While editing a pattern, I notice that sometimes the pattern operation (note add, move up, move down, etc) will get ‘locked’ moving in that direction (without having the key held down). The only way to stop it is to press ctrl-[the key that’s stuck] to make it stop. This is pretty annoying and can’t figure out if this is an app setting or a bug? Anyone else come across this? Perhaps there’s a simple app toggle that i’ve enabled by mistake.

I’ve edited the initial post since lack of reply means I probably didn’t explain the problem well.

Here’s a common scenario:

  • I’m working on a pattern
  • Suddenly the cursor will just start going up row-by-row by itself.
  • It’s almost like I’m holding down the up arrow but I’m not. When it gets to the top of the pattern, it jumps to the bottom like normal.
  • The only way to make it stop is press CTRL-UP. Then it’s fine. I go back to editing and some minutes later it happens again.
  • This can also happen for other things… Like adding a note… It’s almost as if I pressed something else while adding the note because suddenly the note is being added over and over again without my touching anything. I have to press CTRL-[a-z] (a-z being whatever note is stuck) to make it stop. Very frustrating.

This happens for all types of keyboard shortcuts… tab, shift-tab… really anything in the pattern editor.

I’m having this too (3.0.1 on OSX 10.10). Here it’s not just in the pattern editor. I can go to dialogs in the preferences, to the Tool Browser, etc, and it’ll happen assuming the movement is vertical.

It seems to be a Renoise-specific issue. I.e. I can switch to Atom or some other text editor, and the cursor is stable.