Artefacts from VST when activating them first time in a son

Hello :)

So i have a song where some VST plugins are triggered during the song. And the first time i play the song and a VST instrument or effect is played for the first time, there are artifacts (clicks, etc.). Now the second time i play the song - after all VSTs have done something - those artifacts do not apprear anymore. Is it possible to avoid this behaviour?


You might be able to prevent them by toggling the static buffering for those VST plugins (click question mark to get the hidden option and turn it off if it is turned on or turn it on if it is turned off)

Thanks vV, much better now!

Would a faster CPU (current 39% load) or more RAM (3,5 GB on XP) also help?!


It will always help improving overall performance. I doubt it will resolve the buffering issue. Some plugins need to prepare buffers in advance so they can also submit the results as meant. Yet if they only get this space dynamically appointed, the plugin has to do its preparations more or less at the same moment it has to send back the results of it to the host resulting in such side-effects.
If you restart the song, the plugin has this memory already given hence, it will work as designed.
If the static buffering is turned on, you remove those side effects because it then always knows what buffer sizes it can use in advance.

Thank you! The static buffer solved the issue and ur answer will be considered when bying the next computer.