Artillery And Renoise - Help

this question also goes for some other effect units as well.

When i load Artillery2 into a track i can’t seem to get my midi keyboard to recognize it.
which is frustrating because it clearly is a plugin that uses a keyboard to control it.
i read up on some other forums about making an “alias” instrument, but i’m having trouble understand it.
some of my Reaktor effects have a Midi Learn option but some (like Artillery2) effects don’t seem to.

i feel like i’m doing something wrong.
any help would be awesome.

i am running a Macbook Pro - intel 2.33ghz duo


If this is an effect that requires MIDI note input, then this is the part to read through:

I’ve added references to the “send notes to fx” part

thanks so much for the quick reply
i’ll try it out ASAP