Asio And Multitrack Hardware?

i will love anybody who can give me some good answers on this one…

i read this line in the renoise manual:

“ASIO multi I/O cards support allows you to route tracks to hardware channels. Use near-zero sound latency (about 5 ms) - real-time playback with no hearable sound delay when triggering notes!”

what hardware can handle the different renoise tracks? a certain mixer or is it a particular soundcard? or both that is requires?

i ask cause i want to perform live with renoise but would prefer to have some hardware to control the tracks and would love to have a device that can receive the individual tracks from renoise. i assume such a setup is out there since it’s mentioned in the manual but i haven’t come across it yet.

i don’t currently have an ASIO soundcard so what do i need to get? (and SPDIF I/O are strongly desired…) thanks.

Ok. that’s a start.

anybody have any specific soundcards that fit that description?

emi emagic 2/6

that’s what I have, though it doesn’t work very well.

Dmx 6/fire has one if you tend to use ASIO only, you have no problems.
But the ASIO drivers are buggy when they have to coop with DirectSound drivers because they can’t.