ASIO drivers for ANY WDM!?


Anyone tested this with Renoise?

couldn’t test the drivers … the download is password protected and i get no answer after requesting the password

I found them on eMule…haven’t tried them yet, but will do so shortly.

thanx for the emule tip, the link is


(if anyone else wants to test it too).
I need to download it first

i tested the drivers … the result was an annoying hard crash of w2k

well, this one is useless with renoise, I can get smaller latency with directsound, but it might help with asio-only programs, such as chainer or similar. the only problem is :

it sounds awful. (I have a sb awe 64) loads of digital distortion.

Since it’s an ASIO driver for WDM soundcards, it shouldn’t affect DirectSound at all! And are you sure you have a WDM-driver for your soundcard? Since it’s an old one, I have my doubts. (WDM is a windows driver architecture for audio cards introduced in win98).

I can’t get it to work with Renoise. It keeps crashing

In fact the only ASIO app I have been able to get it to work with is Ableton Live though it did work flawlessly at 2ms. It is currently in Beta and the driver has a limit of 10 minutes, after that it emits an audible beep every few seconds so is not much use.

Though according to their website they are about to release the first public version. I hope they have done some improvements.