ASIO drivers for EMU0404 PCI failed


I’ve Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits and I’m able to run Reaper64bits and FLStudio64bits with the EMU0404 ASIO Drivers, but when I try to run Renoise 3.1 the drivers fail to initialize and shows the “Failed to initialize driver” error.

There are no more updates to the EMU0404 drivers at the Creative support website, so I’m using the “latest” drivers.

It’s a Renoise bug? it’s something related to the outdated drivers? Should I use another ASIO drivers?

Renoise 3.1 runs well with the ASIO4ALL and FLStudio ASIO driver, but maybe the EMU was more optimized for my card, I don’t know.

Any suggestion?

Try ASIO4ALL with your soundcard output selected

have you tried both 64bit and 32bit instance of renoise?