Asio/dsound Simultaneously On 2 Cards

Hi all,

I have two soundcards in this PC, a generic C-MEDIA cheapo job and a DELTA 1010.

Due to practical restraints (moving house) all my external kit is packed away (i.e. mixer, amp, speakers etc…). I am trying to use the C_MEDIA card for playback (using the 5.1 system on the PC) and the 1010 for recording through the SPDIF in (from my TC guitar box mainly).

If I use the Direct Sound driver, everything works, except the 1010 records tons of clicks and pops and no amount of fiddling with buffers and latency settings has made a difference. If I use ASIO I can record ok, but I can’t hear anything as the C_MEDIA card doesn’t have an ASIO driver!

Is there a way I can use the C_MEDIA Direct Sound driver to playback and the 1010’s ASIO driver to record?

Is this a limitation of Renoise, as I plan on sticking a second 1010 in this machine at a later date (from another PC) - so I get 16 outs going straight to individual mixer channels - if so, what is support for multiple cards like if they all use the same driver?

Anyway… any suggestions or fixes welcome!!! Thanks

EDIT: using 1.8rc3


sounds good, just installing now…

thanks for that!

Okay. It works sometimes.

When I initially load up renoise I select the ASIO4ALL driver open the control panel and setup my routing. All good. I can record a few takes, and then phoof! no sound. I check the ASIO4ALL control panel and the 1010 has logic errors all over it… :frowning:

Not sure what is going on here… I’ve set the 1010 up as usual with minor adjustments to the ASIO4ALL settings (as described in the README). It had problems locking the internal clock (for SPDIF), so I changed it to lock to the external input (works fine until above), I may go back and try not letting it ‘reset the rate when idle’ as I reckon this may be confusing things as ASIO4ALL likes to resample…

Have been able to record using the analogue inputs on the CMEDIA card using Direct Sound though (without clicks and pops!), although it is noisy as hell this may have to do for now as I can’t spend all day fiddling about… I’m gonna go and get a Mac for this stuff I think :wink:

Bantai, how have you setup your Audiophile in the M-Audio panel? I think the big difference between us though is that both my cards are PCI.