Asio & Input


One more thing before registering… Just wondering if it’s possible to route my external gear to soundcards inputs via ASIO? And then mix & eq them on a track in renoise like internal instruments?

This is the most important feature for me since I have loads (well only some few to be exact :lol: ) of external synths in my setup…

Did not see anything like it in the manual… But maybe I’m asking basic newbie questions here once again :):slight_smile:

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btw. I did a search but didn’t find a topic on this

Nope I don’t think you can do that yet…

Would ASIO inputs into Renoise be hard to implement? They’d be highly useful to me too…

Renoise isn’t a mixing software … or recording tool (not yet and i think not tomorrow)… or a fx-host software for audio-inputs … you can do that with some harddisk-recording tools like samplitude: it’s possible to link an asio input-channel for recording and inserting dx/vst-effects to that channel …

i don’t know about rewire and something like that … but Renoise features only Asio outputs at the moment … my normal way of final mixing is to render single audiotracks to wav-files and mixing this in another software …

but it’s possible to load big sample files into renoise and using this continous samples a sound/instrument … in this way it’s possible to add effects and so on … so prepare your other tracks first and work with this tracks (long samples) in renoise later!

It wouldn’t have to record anything…just stream an audio stream in one ASIO input, through a track and out the other, like Chainer can (it’s a pity Chainer doesn’t work in Renoise, because that might have been a solution). It might be implemented as a native effect with just routing (ASIO input) and volume controls.

I think there’s some VST ways to do it such as Tobybear Mixbox (an effect which runs in two VST hosts running at the same time and streams audio from one VST host to the next) and Jaltoh Soundbus (which does much the same), but so far I’ve been unable to get them working successfully.

Again, recording not required…at least in my case.

This is ‘a must have’ in all sequencers… together with vst compensation, recording, pianoroll… and a better sequencer… and better resolution and and and :)

Actually most of these advanced things are very dependent on each other.
So lets see what will be next after the ‘clean up’-v1.5 of renoise.
I guess the first thing will be the resolution part, the engine of everything.?