asio performance

Do you guys have any experience, which audio interface have the best asio performance? With asio performance, i mean how good and efficient the asio driver was implemented. I heard often, that different audio interfaces with the same asio settings have different cpu usages. An efficient asio driver allow you to use more soft synths and effects, because you have more cpu power left. To bad there are no charts, which compares audio interfaces against each others.

Soft Synth also depends on CPU power, not just the sole audio output.

When it regards to ASIO, you definitely need low latency output possibilities but there are features that make brand x better than brand Y depending on what you need.

If you also need tight recording buffers at high frequencies, your options slim very fast. If you also need this low recording latency on multiple channels you get to RME stuff and sorts (which is usually quite expensive).