Asio Problem.

I didn’t wanna post this in the bug reports forum because I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening, and I didn’t know if I was just being an ASIO n00b or something, etc., hehe.

Anyway… This has been happening in the last few versions of Renoise (RC1, Beta3, etc.). I’m using Windows XP Pro with SP2. My soundcard is an M-Audio Firewire Audiophile 4-in/6-out.

If I use DirectSound in Renoise, I can switch between 44.1khz, 48, 96, etc., and the pitch of VSTs and samples is fine. But when using ASIO, 44.1khz is fine, but 48/96 causes the pitch to play lower, and the bpm of the song to slow down, and it’s kinda bugging me that I can’t figure out why.

If I check the ASIO control panel for my Audiophile, it shows that the detected sample rate is 44.1khz. So, at first I thought it was just something to do with Windows, some kind of setting I hadn’t found yet which set what the “master” samplerate for Windows was, which would change the samplerate of my Audiophile. And this is why I haven’t reported it sooner - in case it was something simple that I have overlooked (and it probably is).

But I’ve looked and looked and I can’t find anything to override this.

I’ve tried deleting the config.xml as explained in the other ASIO pitch bug thread, but that didn’t help.

Rendering the song to WAV seems to work fine. I can play back the 48/96khz WAV file in Winamp and stuff, at the correct pitch.

Anyone got any ideas? Is there something really simple that I’m missing? (I hope so), or is this is a bug?

Ah, there we go. I had been checking their site a little while ago, hoping for some kind of updated driver that would fix this, but they didn’t release anything new and I was beginning to lose hope, hehe, so I hadn’t checked their site in a few weeks.

I’ll try out these new drivers and see how they work.

Who’s the man?
Bantai’s the man!
Who’s the man?
Bantai’s the man!

Cheers, dude, hehe.

After a little bit of wrestling with Windows and drivers, and a few reboots later, this seems to have done the trick.

I no longer have the option in Renoise to change my ASIO samplerate between 44.1, 48, 96, etc… but, if I switch to DirectSound, then change to 96khz, THEN switch back to ASIO… ASIO is now fixed on 96khz, and things seem to be ok.

So basically:M-Audio is crap-card when it comes to professionality?