Asio Routing


I’ve been testing new beta 1.5a5 and there’s something weird happening when routing multitimbral VSTis.

When routing multiple aliases (each playing in a different track) to different ASIO outputs, the sound is only sent to the ASIO output set on the rightmost track. Example:

Imagine the soundcard has 2 ASIO outputs called Out 1 and Out 2

I set 1 alias for an instrument on “track 1” and set (in the “Track DSP” menu) routing to “Out 2”. Then I set alias 2 on “track 5” and set the routing for this track to ASIO “Out 1”.
I press play and monitor the output and I get sound only on “Out 1” (rightmost track). Shouldn’t I get sound on both “Out 1” and “Out 2” ?
I know that they would be exactly the same but that’s not a reason for such behaviour or yes?

When finally multitimbrality is implemented, VSTi aliases will have to be able to send their outputs to different ASIO outputs (if on different tracks set with different ASIO outputs of course…) … So I’m almost certain the actual behaviour is not right… but tell me if I’m wrong…

Anyway, nice work! Even beta, this is the most stable Renoise version up to now…




Hey! Seems this post was moved from bugreports to General Discussion… but actually THERE MIGHT BE A BUG… so please why not put [nobug] if there’s no bug? … or maybe should I have put “Huge mega bug in ASIO routing” as topic instead??