I use ASIO driver with Renoise and Audiophile 2496. I understand that you can route a track into different channels (M, 1 etc…) but routing to S/PDIF is not supported :(
Is it easy to allow user to route a track to S/PDIF (show letter S for this mode :) )?
Hopefully we can see this supported.

Also taktik, on a different note :D
Do not forget that for the upcoming MidiCCFXDevice, to allow user to select from all available VST’s (VST FX + VSTi) and to have a slider to send a note-on command as a parameter (slider shows note in regular way like C4, D4 etc… but note number in Hex goes into the effect row). This will ensure support for all VST’s (some VSTi’s can act as FX). Sorry for mentioning this again, but I am quite obssessed with this at the moment :D

if the spdif is a standard output you can access it by setting the outputnr in the trackheads. if not, there is no way for me to implement that.
Some asiocards (Celsius has such a card, so celsius : please give me a hint what card this is) change their outputmode when limiting the output to one stereopair. enable “limit to stereo” in the audioconfigs to do this.

about the MidiCCFxDevice :
havnt forgotten it :)

I have to look at this further. With the Audiophile 2496 and using ASIO in Renoise, the M mode is actually sending into waveout, and the 1 mode is sending into s/pdif out. I did not notice that before because even at 1 mode, I am still getting a signal from waveout in addition to the full signal from s/pdif out. So it looks like the 1 mode is working fine as s/pdif out. But why am I getting a signal from waveout using 1 mode? Is it bleeding? I am thinking aloud here. It looks like it works and this is the main thing.

By the way, enabling ‘limit to stereo’ with Audiophile 2496 limits the output into waveout.