Asio Settings

I have a problem with my m-audio ozone keyboard/soundcard, tts sometimes I get pops and crackles in the audio I guess this has to do with a wrong setting of the ASIO settings in the buffersize in RENOISE. The problem is that I can not see what the buffersize is that I should deploy in renoise ( the latency is automaticaly set to 5 ms) There is no way to see the buffersize in the Ozone control panel. Is there a utility available that can find out the settings of your currently installed ASIO driver ? That way I would be able to fill in the correct settings in renoise. I hope I make sense :o

Thanks in Advance.

simply set the latency some ticks higher. The buffer may differ because of the usb bandwith limit when not used at a real usb 2.0 port.

is there no ini File or a switch in your audio interfaces cpl where you can set the latency to a different value?

are you using this driver…ne_1010_web.exe ?

Did you try the MME drivers instead for a test?

My bad, i can indeed change the latency in the control panel of the ozone (and yes I did install the latest drivers) but the problem is that I don’t know what value to set for the buffersize in renoise. There is no way i can see the associated buffersize for a given latency in the ozone control panel. Is there a foolproof method to figure this out or do I have to do it trial and error ?

Thanks for helping me out.


just double it ?!
if you are at 5 ms now this should mean 10ms and this should be enough if you have a standard pc and a good asio card.

Say you have set your ASIO soundcard to “X” ms latency:
X = 5 ms = 0.005 s (divide by 1000 to get seconds)

and you use a samplerate of “S” Hz (sampes / second):
S = 44100 Hz

Then the number of samples in X ms is X * S:
X * S = 0.005 s * 44100 samples/s = 220.5 samples

You have to select a buffersize in Renoise that’s smaller than that quantity.
In this case 64 samples is recommended.

Another example:
X = 10 ms = 0.01 s
S = 44100 Hz
X * S = 441 samples
and a buffersize of 128 samples in Renoise should do.

(Btw, the drivers of my MAudio Audiophile 24/96 lets me select the soundcards buffersize, and then shows me what latency that corresponds to. If that is the case for anyone, you still should keep the buffersize in Renoise smaller than the buffersize set with your drivers.)

If I did something wrong here, please correct me.

werent there some VSTi’s which didnt work with a buffersize different from 512 ? or is that no issue anymore ?