Asio useful for AWE64 ?

I have a AWE64 Gold, I am still satisfied with it (does what I need), does it make any sense to use this card with ASIO ? Or do I gain not much in comparison to DX ? (at the moment my latency is set to 15 and actually I can work very well with that setting …)

I didn’t know that were asio drivers available for AWE64 gold - am I wrong?
I have a Terratec EWX 24/96 and I’ve found that the DX drivers perform better than asio with Renoise. According to the renoise interface I can get DX
to run comfortably at 12ms! Very good - but asio breaks up a bit at that latency <_< I think there may be a problem with asio implementation in Renoise at the moment…

martB ¦¬)

mhh, when I had cubase 3.7 I could use ASIO, but I think it was merely a DX->Asio converter or something … Maybe I should not bother at all.

dont use this cubase dx->asio converter. Its really ugly slow.