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hi there :slight_smile:

if i try to select asio as devicetype for sound i can’t hear any sound comming out of my speakers…

but the vu meter in renosie starts to move…

so it suppose to play sound…

if i use directsound as a devicetype i can hear sound.

i can select: asio directx full duplex driver
asio multimedia driver
nvidea asio

non of them are able to give me sound… only the directsound…


go to a computer store and buy a soundcard. Pardon my rude words, but if you´d like to produce music - a smart soundcard is the first thing to go for…

As you probably know those driver related issues of the nvidia onchip sound are mentioned in the nvidia boards as well.The only applications as far as I know which can handle those crappy driver using a special extension are Nuendo and SX 2.0 .

reason, fruity loops, acid… logic can handle with it… <_<

No. I got it myself. LAP 551 Pc cannot handle them. Tested with several mobos.


But what about a smart soundcard? That will improve the abilities of your machine a lot ;)