Asio4all Problems (before Opening / After Closing Renoise)

Since a few days I’m noticing strange things with the audio on my laptop.

Sometimes I start up Renoise and can’t get it to ‘sound’ immediately using the asio4all drivers (version 2.9) as standard. Choosing directsound drivers in the audio preferences tab than gives an error notice, something like: 'failed to initialize audio device …etc etc…

If I than close firefox, which was also open, magically audio functionality has returned to Renoise…

…but if I close Renoise now, I can’t get audio out of mozilla or whatever other program I want to play with (wavelab etc). It is like the audio has been forever locked to solely Renoise, very irritating!

Is this asio4alls fault, never had this before downloading beta4!



I know asio4all is one client only software (officially?), but till beta4 I never had any problems with this and could youtube for a second, then go back to renoise and vice versa.

I’ve just rebooted the laptop, and am playing a gamelan youtube video, opened up Renoise and didn’t get sound out of the asio drivers, like expected…but I was now able to change to directdrivers and am playing both renoise and the gamelan sounds next to eachother.


Are you sure you did not made any other changes to your system or perhaps system updates have been installed meanwhile? (I had a few XP updates installed this week).
This really does sound like a driver problem, specially because you can get sound in Renoise when switching to Directsound -> That part is all handled by the drivers and not by Renoise.

right now I’m able to switch applications and drivers without trouble, 2 days ago this wasn’t possible. I couldn’t switch to directsound in Renoise + other programs were unable to use the soundcard. It was like the asio drivers were locked to Renoise.

Since I remembered a thread about soundcard drivers not being released after closing down Renoise, I thought this might have to do with my problem.

I’ll keep you informed if I come across more problems.

Okay so if you start Renoise 2.0 or B3 and lower, you don’t experience this problem?
If you do experience this problem with older Renoise versions as well, then this is 100% a driver or system related issue.

I don’t have older versions installed anymore to try out at the moment. It works now, so rebooting seemed to fix it.

You can still download older versions (at least 2.0) but ofcourse, you should decide if you want to reinstall 2.0 (without assigning xrns standards and creating start-menu shortcuts etc.) .

It will help us to exclude your system environment as a possible culprit.

I think the problem that the Renoise process doesn’t completely vanish after its closed. This happened in earlier Renoise versions as well (drivers may keep it alive), but now with ReWire this seems to happen more often. I have no clue if thats somehow Renoises fault. This only seems to happen on some systems.

Jonas: If this happens again, could you then please check with the taskmanager if theres a dead Renoise process around and if killing this one fixes the problem?

Could you also now attach your Renoise log file. This way we can see where/if the process hanged…

will do + I’ve just send a log.txt to the email adress

Thanks for the log. It looks like this started to happen after you ran Renoise as ReWire slave and the master (which master was that?) crashed. Looks this the master was still lurking around, half dead, blocking Audio…

If a reboot fixed this, then theres nothing to worry about this, or better said nothing we can fix here. We (better said windows) can not guarantee that ASIO or DirectSound works after you got such crashes. You should simply reboot Windows, as soon as something happens again.

But there are a few other situations in the log where Renoise did not exited and did not crashed (that was before b4). What happened there?

And you seem to got used to the fact that many of your plugins are crashing. Ina-GRM: GRM FreqShift Stereo randomly crashed. “pitchchange”, “TAL-Dub-2”, “TolcBocs_0-0-2_no-SSE” and MULTIBAND EXPANDER as well. I don’t want to sound like your mom, but why do you nevertheless use them?

Any clue why TAL-Dub-2 crashed for you? Never had problems with TAL-Dub here.

I’ve been playing around with max/msp (4.5.7) as master lately, which also uses quicktime, maybe there was a conflict there?

Dunno what happened anymore in those ‘other situations’ :(

Most of these plugins you name, never end up in finished tracks. I use them to generate samples with / experimentation. Beforehand, I of course don’t know that they are going to crash. It just happens. Only the Grm & tal dub ones are interesting enough to try again later, since they’re good :)

The tal dub plugins often crash when exit’ing Renoise, not during playback. I don’t over stress the plugin cpu-wise or with automation, so no clue here. I have version 1.0 installed, but apparently there is a new version out (1.2)…so I’ll try if the new one improves things.