Asio4all V2

Just curious if Renoise is compatible with this. I haven’t been able to get any audio output using this asio driver though the songs are playing…


How about getting a soundcard? If you like to drive you have to buy a good car…if you planning to create music you need a good soundcard.

oh come on, dont give him that.

the only need for asio is if you want to record notes from your midi-keyboard (or similar) live, if you do not plan to edit anything in realtime you can stick with directx-drivers, because the latency with dx-output is more than good enough.

however, if you want to use asio you can ofcourse try asio4all, it should work and the worst thing you may encounter is that the latency cannot be droppped more than with the normal dx-driver (which is the case for me, I cant get it below 12ms with asio4all)

and a good soundcard does not really help you write good music, it only helps with mixing your song and that kind of stuff.

okay…But what about working with VSTIs and so on? And external mixdown?

what about them ? (sorry I dont get your question …)

hey {dlo},

don’t be a dick. i asked a question, not an asshole.



If you want nice working Asio drivers, I recommend you get an old Soundblaster Live card. Then you can get the kX ASIO drivers. They work really well, and really cheap!! I get around 10ms easily with my SBlive, and the CPU usage goes down a lot as well.