Asio4all With Via Envy24 Audio

I have a Shuttle SN25P which uses the Via Envy24 audio chip. As this has no native asio support I am using Asio4all. However, there seems to be a problem getting it to work with Renoise.

After getting no sound from my audio applications (Renoise and Ableton Live) at first, I searched the Asio4all forum. The advice there is to configure the advanced section of the Via Control Panel so that Digital Output is PCM Only and Sample Rate is Automatic. With these settings, Ableton Live works nicely but Renoise still produces no sound whatsoever. All ins and outs read as Beyond Logic in the Asio4all control panel.

Can anyone help get Renoise to cooperate?

I’m checking into it now, have tried these drivers before to allign the latency on my two soundcards for dj’ing, and had the same problem with Renoise. If I can get this to work I can save myself some cash on a new soundcard… :P