Assange And The Government Joke

UK government, now threatening to raid Ecuador’s London embassy
to arrest Assange, condemned 2011 violation of UK embassy in
Tehran as “grave breach of the Vienna Convention”

“If we live in a world where governments can arbitrarily revoke immunity and go into embassies then the life of our diplomats and their ability to conduct normal business in places like Moscow where I was and North Korea becomes close to impossible.”

“I’ve lived, worked and travelled in places with proper dictatorships and nowhere have I seen violations of the Vienna convention to this extent,” said Farhan Rasheed, 42, a historian

“Here we have a government which claims to be a government of law and justice, stretching and possibly about to break a serious binding international agreement.”

“Swedish prosecutors have not yet charged Assange, but they believe they have a case to take to trial.”

They would not have cared if a unknown random Australian guy, who maybe had raped someone in Sweden.
And was not even charged or convicted.

But now they are even willing to rewoke embassy immunity!
Its so obvious.
The UK Government is a joke, bending over for the US who wants him going to Sweden NOW, so they can get him from there.
They should be ashamed of themselves.

And why he talk about Moscow? I live in Russia not so far from this city and there is never Vianna Convention was breaked. This is very significant that this try is going from Britain government… Imperial capitalistic governments was everytime not much better than (ex)soviet red ones. They are the same to truth only appearance is different. All them (USA,Soviet,Britain and e.t.c.) are silent rapers of nations. And sometimes not so silent…

This is becoming more and more common in recent years it seems. Both that criminals try to abuse laws which were put in place more to protect the innocent, and that governments are becoming tired of these abuses to the extent that their willing to harm many innocent people in order to get at a few criminals. What I mean by hurting many innocent to get at a few criminals is that if the diplomatic treaties suddenly become void then there’s nothing keeping countries from rounding up all diplomats and their families and executing them as spies at the slightest political change in the government. At the moment the only thing keeping some governments from doing this already is that several hundred countries have agreed to go to war with whomever breaks these treaties. What makes global politics the biggest joke though is that the only countries with the military might to uphold any of these treaties are the ones breaking them (or at least stretching the rules).

I don’t think it’s so much the US Government pushing the UK into doing anything. We have our own problems and nothing would change if the UK didn’t do something just because it goes against the US’s political views. Quite frankly, I believe you can’t do enough to punish criminals who abuse the system to gain immunity from prosecution, but then there’s needs to be a less fallible way to prove that such an abuse has occurred and that the person really is guilty before any government can take that person.

Some of the movs made by the UK government over the last few months and longer are ridiculous! Really do seem to be getting close the the realms of living in a police state. So glad that at least now the Olympics are over hopefully things will calm down a little bit in that area (but I wouldn’t put money on it.) Although parliament is in recess for another couple of weeks yet anyway, but at least that means work is quiet ;)

The case of Wikileaks, and nuclear proliferation are the top issues facing Earth.

Updates here:

Nuclear proliferation is only a problem when the nuclear munitions become available to the various terrorist organizations around the world but of course countries like India don’t seem to realize or care that they probably don’t have the resources to store nuclear arms securely as all they care about is looking like they are technologically equal to the world’s super-powers. In the case of Wikileaks, the freedom of information, which they supposedly do their work in the name of, has been greatly damaged since now governments which were once very in favor of free speech are now putting controls on the internet as it passes through those nations backbones. In the US the internet used to be very much uncontrolled but now as a result of wikileaks, the terrorist attack of September 11th, and entertainment industry trying to fight piracy, the internet is now limited in speeds well below what’s available in other countries and ISP’s are now authorized and encouraged to monitor all internet traffic.

Are we absolutely sure that the assumptions about the swedish rape affair are FALSE ?

WHo is assange really ?
There are a lot of mysteries surroundings his persona , and yeah the good ol us of a isn’t to happy with all the information leaks …which is great material for conspiracy thearies and all , .but what do we really really know ???

No, they just put a punk-band behind bars for 2 years because the sung a protest song in a church.

We hide from our potential
Primarily because we are afraid of it.
The thought of having the earned responsibility
Causes us to balk, to remain in the dust.

We posture in place, gesturing wildly on the spot
We mock craft by using equivocation, deadpan serious
And the target of our ire? It could only be:
Those imperfectly striving toward potential, with light,

We cleverly point out their chinks,
Expose that they are truly not saints as they are hailed-
We inflate the grubby details, the flaws, the dust.
We selectively hurl our facts like pointed stones with pride,

We reason, ‘only saints are entitled to deliver us’,
But quietly hope that no one points out that we are not saints.
No pure ones would ever do our work for us,
The saints will not go marching in: no enabling.

Persecuting imperfect strivers does not excuse inaction,
Especially when light is evident, true to evolution.
The sledgehammer for fictions and illusions bears grubby work.
All service counts, wait not for saints, forget dust.