Assigning Individual Midi Inputs To Instruments.

Hey guys,

I’m trying to set up a rack of instruments in Renoise each with their own individual MIDI input channel, to be controlled at least partially by an external sequencer (tenori-on.)

Seems to be impossible. I’ve asked a few different people on the #renoise chat, and it seemed nobody thought it could be done.

It seems that MIDI-input in renoise works in a global fashion. If you select an instrument in renoise, you can set your controller to any channel and the instrument will be played.

Might there be any way around this?

MIDI Yoke is currently your only answer, we are still working on a solution to get this done through ReWire though, but the current rough implementation so far requires a lot more work than expected so it stays disabled until a usable solution is reached. (timing issues are really a big buttpain here).

Thanks. I will try to set this up with midiyoke.

Midiyoke will not work, because you simply can’t control the instrument slots that are not selected.