Assigning Instrument To A Track

Is there a way to link between a track and an instrument?
When I am tabbing to the next track, I often forget to change the instrument in the instruments box so I was looking for a way to make Renoise automatically change the selected instrument when I move to a different track.

If multiple instruments are used on the same track, I would expect it to go to the one that appears first.

Is there a way? If not, does anyone else think it makes any sense?

Thanks in advance.

In the player control panel, there is a checkbox and a button:

The button selects the instrument assigned to the note that is underneath your cursorposition.
The checkbox is the automatic pilot for this previous described action and picks the instrument while you browse around.

Sounds like you want the “auto capture nearest instrument” feature:

Edit: Annnnd Vincent beat me by a few seconds :)


Excellent checkbox! Does exactly what I needed.

I was looking for it on the right side, near the instruments box and in the preferences… missed it completely!

This tracker is unbelievable!
Thank you both.

I had no idea about this feature.

It is wicked!!