Assigning Intruments To Channels

I’m a former FL studios and Reason user (FT2 before that) and decided to go back to my roots and start working with a tracker again. Renoise, of course, being the obvious choice ;)

Renoise is awesome, but there’s one thing that can be a bit weird getting used to coming from FL and Reason (or most other sequencers I would think), and that’s the way the intruments/samples/vst’s don’t “follow” the channel you’re currently “in”. It can be frustrating to suddenly get another effect or eq setting on a sample because the “cursor” isn’t in the right channel. thus having to jump back and forth between channels if you’re browsing through samples or whatever.

It would be nice to have Renoise jump to the right corresponding channel while you’re browsing through the intrument table. A way to assign the intruments to a certain channel.

for VST instruments, you can get something similar with:
Instrument Settings => VST Instrument Properties => Assigned to track

Yes, I saw that, but it would be nice to have the same feature with samples also.

edit Thanks for a quick reply, btw :)

I’m not really talking about locking the sample/vst completely to a track, just
making one track the first choice for an intrument.

For a bit clarity I suggest you name a corresponding track so that you know where your what instrument is supposed to be played, and then you can easily skip along the tracks by clicking the track names in track scopes.

It’s a different thing of course, but when waiting if and when your suggestion would be preference of majority of users and implemented in RNS this gives you something to make your work easier.

Still, you are capable of adding notes to multiple tracks, even if you would lock a sample-based instrument to one specific track.
So jumping to the corresponding track when selecting a specific instrument would be out of the question if multiple tracks are used.

Like I said, I’m not talking about locking the sample so you can’t use it with other tracks. It would be more like assigning a sample to a track to be used as “default”.

If you don’t want the sample to have a default track, don’t assign it. If you, like me, want to use feature, you can :)