At The Castle

I don’t know why, but I am in kind of a trip hop and psychedelic music mood recently. Its presidents day in the US. Days off are awesome!!!
Thanks for listening.

Reminds me of music from the Tenchi anime. Nice mix of busy and relaxing.

I’ll have to check that out. My knowledge of anime is nil. I am pretty obsessed with FM synth sounds at the moment. Many thanks for the feedback.

I don’t like very much the percussions, but the composition is very good!

ps: the initial sound is the exact same sound I have used in this song :D
it is an FM8 sound, if i remember correctly

Haha…you are right! I just recently started playing with FM8 a lot. I really love the sound of it, but I need to start tweaking it more. I kind of agree about the percussion actually. It is all over the place and not really a consistent style. Maybe, I will come back to this one later. Thanks for listening and for the feedback!