Atomly - Snackpoint Charlie

atomly - snackpoint charlie

100% renoise with 100% freeware VSTs.

(drumatic v3 for drums; synth1, bb303i2 for synths; ambience for reverb)

Quite like the little chromatic melodies here… Good dark vibe.

One thing to consider for the not-dancing listeners: something needs to be slowly developing that is sonically unhinged from the beat structure… like textured ambiance, voice samples, or loose melody. This would cause a good tension with the hypnotic beat.

I had a good laugh about the song name, actually it’s nothing else anymore. :D

Nice track, though i miss some more elements or variations to keep it more interesting.

lovely !! this is one for those late late laaaate hours for sure. i sure like the overall feel of this one.

things i would add/change:

  • more stereo panning/placing stuff (got to keep it moving a bit more)
  • SOME variation on the kick and hats… (make those hats really playful)
  • perhaps some delay stuff on vocals or some fx/atmos sound ?
  • some really deeeep bass here and there.

can i only stream the tunes ? i don’t see a download link ?

Wicked stuff! I’m not bothered by lack of variation… maybe some discrete noise or a sparsely used effect wouldn’t hurt.
…I’m on the third track now and I’m not stopping. I’d sure like some download too.

The best stuff I have heard coming out of renoise in a long time.

released on wolf+lamb music along with “aus chicago”

you can grab the samples at wolf + lamb or buy the tracks at beatport.


I always wondered, how exactly do you get your music on beatport ?