Attention Canadian Renoisers!!

Hey guys! We got something big a brewing in Winnipeg Manitoba this coming June… (Check out more details at It’s called MEME and it’s into it’s 2nd year and this one is coming on strong! Headlining we have Snares Man, Hitori Tori and Fishhead playing for the fest but that’s not the ONLY great thing… aside from all the great artists coming out and playing, with a crazy amount of local talent aswell this will be THE FIRST TIME IN CANADA that chip will be represented in a Electronic Music Festival!!! Yup that’s right, we got our own room and im playing in it… Just figured some may like to know aboiut this… =) Maby we can organize a Renoise meet up if enough are coming ;) ;)

It would be worth while to come on down as there are workshops/events/desplays… TONS of stuff happening too… and there IS 4-5 Renoise artists playing that im aware of SO FAR with more being added each day (hopefully MUCH MORE RENOISE ARTISTS :)) I’m thinking of doing a live Renoise set… and i KNOW hitori will be =P

Anyway this is going to fuckiing ROCK!! <3

Sound like something anyone would come to?

Are you organizing this?

You also have Billy Rockwell in there. He’s on this forum somewhere. I forget his username. He used to hold down one of the best drum & bass weeklies in the 90s when he lived in Montreal. Hitori Tori was “local” back in those days, too.

How is Fishhead getting there from Montreal? Are you guys flying him in? If not I will write him and see what the deal is.

I’m interested in this event. But as you know its 2500+ KM away. Canada is a big country. Tough to justify such a trip with a 1 year old daughter in the picture.

I WISH I was the orginizer or part of the team… unfortunitly im just a pathetic 9-5 evening Renoise artist =P lol. I dont know specifics but I do assume he’s being flown in yeah… Actully I have an idea that may work out for ya, i’ll reply in pm =D

Plz stop making me jealous :(

Jealous? Man I’m jealous of you… stright up td6d your in the Netherlands… which is my homeland and where I SHOULD be. =( I wish I was in Europe ANYWHERE to be honest… Norway, Den Haag, Germany… hell i’d even settle for France ;) (jk jk jk lol).

sigh I think the grass is always greener on the other side eh? :rolleyes:

This is the impression I get from talking to other Europeans, they want to move to Canada and vice versa lol =) … But apperently the grass is SUPER green down there eh ;)

Fly in Sharevari or Taktik and I’ll pay my own way.

Renoise Summit 2011.

They didn’t say yes… But they didn’t say no, either. ;)

if only this was last year… winnipeg is pretty cool. moved back to california though. canadian customs doesnt like me and put a $700 bond on me for getting out of their country within 3 weeks, coming into winnipeg airport lol. probably because i was 19 and had long hair, he kept asking me if i was on drugs

I’m interested,
but it would be great to have an exact date.
Been wanting to catch Aaron Funk again.
Saw/heard him at Sneeky Dee’s in Toronto about 7 years ago and just about lost my mind.
Would be good to have a Renoise meetup or workshop.

Awesome dformed… The EXACT date for the festival will be June 24th 2011 - June 26th 2011… Ill be preforming on the 25th… check the site out at