AU plugin - issue saving state

I’m running Renoise 3.1.1 on OSX High Sierra 10.13.5, and AU plugin zebra2 2.8. The zebra2 plugin has stopped saving the state of edits I do in the GUI after I’ve saved in Renoise and then closed Renoise; it simply loads the initial preset/resets itself. I have also not updated either Renoise/zebra2 recently, it seems to have happened by itself.

I’ve used other AU plugins to test and I don’t get the same issue - their state is saved correctly when I save. A workaround is saving the zebra2 changes into a preset file, but this is quite tedious and I can often forget when working with lots of copies of it.

I’ve already tried reinstallation of zebra2 and rescanning plugins. How is this handled for AU components in Renoise? I can persist changes for other AU components by saving in Renoise, so will it be keeping it in the .xrns file? Something must be causing it to reset after I load the song.

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