Au Support

please? any news on this at all… if I could use a wrapper I would. I’ve been using NI’s Kore software which is the only wrapper I have seen that has allowed me to use my au’s in renoise but it is cpu consuming and has a bad interface. I think you guys should implement AU support natively. I think I speak for almost all mac users using renoise when I say I want to be able to use AU plugs. I have soooooo many of them that I can’t use in renoise. I know it’s not easy just adding these features, but this one be on the top of the list as far as mac development… pweeeeaaase! :(

It already is on top. Just give us some time please.

:w00t: sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!

Wow! My mates are going to be very very happy indeed!

oh man!!! I don’t know wat to say but thaaaaaanks!!

Well, it still has to be done…

get on the ball… i’ll wait forever.

Just change them to wav or something. Should be easy. Doesn’t mac have any format converters? I use dBpowerAMP for Windows, soundkonverter for Linux.

huh? :blink:

I get AU files sometimes that I have to change to wav so I can use them on my Windows computer. Doesn’t Mac have a program that can change AU to WAV?

EDIT: I mean, doesn’t Mac have a program that can change WAV files to AU?

@ Psalm97: little confusing but with au, this is meant as short for audio units not the sound-file format, read

Well well well, learn something new every day! Is this like Windows VST in the form of .dll files?

EDIT: Also (assuming it is like our VSTs) can you recommend some good ones? I’m looking for mostly orchestral instruments.

taktik is going to be pleased with this!