Audio Crackles

Hi, I started to have a problem that’s driving my nuts. Wiht specific songs I hear audio crackles, inside Renoise and when exported. But the weird thing is that the crackles are not always in the same place.
for example: I play the wav in MediaMonkey, at 00:47 I hear a loud noise, i go back to that moment and the noise is gone, then I hear it in another place…
I use a pci asio soundcard for everything (playing music, producing, entertainment)

Now Im having problems wiht this specific track:


whoever is going to help you will need to know your system/OS, and maybe also the .xrns for that song.

You only get this on your own tracks and not everything you play through your computer?

What are you peaks at? Do you hit absolute 0.0dB? Maybe try limiting to -0.1dB and see if you still get crackles.

Now Im on windows 7 64 bits, dual core intel e7200, 4gb ram.
Yeah, im having this problem with a couple of my tracks. The one that I posted above peaks at -0.27 left -0.84 right, it has ozone in master channel, using only a maximizer, and 2 vst instruments, Massive and arturia´s minimoog v.

If you’re hearing weird stuff at different random points in time, both in Renoise and in other players such as MediaMonkey, then it’s obviously some kind of problem affecting your audio playback, and probably nothing at all to do with Renoise or MediaMonkey.

I would first check to see if you have any sound enhancement enabled in Windows itself. My installation of Windows 7 came with some shitty bass management stuff enabled that was really messing up the sound and driving me crazy until I figured out what was happening.

Go to: Control Panel > Sound > Playback

Check the Properties of each device listed there, and look in the Enhancements tab for each one. I have simply chosen “Disable all enhancements”.

Hopefully this helps, or gives you some clues about where to continue looking.

Thanks for the info, I checked that, I dont have any sound enhancement enabled. I will make some tests with the drivers (asio4all, the asio driver of my soundcrd, directsound…)

Try turning off Asio4all, this one seems to affect audio playback this way. Or try messing around with the buffers in ASIO4all, crackling on random occasions is either a buffering problem or an encoder problem. I think in your case that Asio4all doesn’t properly support 64-bit (if it supports 64-bit at all)
I have similar problems when playing audio in WinAmp, while playing them in other software: crackles don’t appear.