Audio Device Reset

In 1.8 I had some ASIO problems.

in other words: my (crappy) Alesis interface with (which I have to use) ASIO4ALL drivers would not initialize the outputs when I fired up Renoise. (they where by some mysterious reason always used by some other app)

This resulted in: I had to unplug the usb cable and then change to 44.1 and then back to 48 khz in the device preferences to get it to work properly.

In 1.9 the problem is gone. I love the audio device reset button but I think the button (or maybe another one) could be put in the main gui, perhaps beside the panic button. :)

what I mean is that in 1.9 my outputs initializes just fine but I think a button of this sort would not hurt at all.

Why would you want such a reset button on the main gui, just because you have to reset it a lot? I don’t think this will happen, since this is not an action that other users prolly have to do often. I think the way it is now in the preferences is just fine.

you do have a point <_<

Well, i have a core2duo running Vista and the asio4all drivers.
I must set the properties of my audiodevice to “let applications control this device exclusively” before I can use it with Renoise.

Then when I used Renoise, I can let the parameter stay there.
If I want to run Renoise again I must uncheck the “let applications control this device exclusively” option in device properties and Renoise gives Asio support from this driver.

This issue is only there in Vista, when I recover my pc with an image of WinXP then there is no problem.

So thank you devs, for putting in an “reset” button in Renoise, wich require less changing that option.

is there a refresh button for directsound devices now ?
i dont have enough usb ports, so sometimes i had to switch between audio interfaces and new devices are not visible in dropdown box. So the only thing i can do is to save project and restart renoise… small refresh button would be sweet :)

Yes there is a button in there, im a registred user, and in the beta2 (and beta3) of Renoise 1.9 there is such function :yeah:

rocks :D ql