Audio from VST instrument to MIDI (notes), and feed MIDI data it to another track

Probably I’m asking too much, but is anyone aware how can notes from audio output from some VST instrument can be in realtime fed to another track. I guess some very advanced VST fx is needed, but I don’t even know if VSTfx can output notes to another track? Probably not, yeah? :slight_smile:

Tried Melodyne, but it just detects MIDI notes, it can’t output it to track.

I don’t know a VST that can create MIDI data from audio in real time, i’m not even sure if that would be possible with a satisfactory result. Ableton Live can do this (not in real time) with some mixed results.

Found one that is supposed to work but in my case, it’s so buggy. Or I just get that impression… Whole lot of pain I get with it.

Midi VST generators are supported in Renoise, Midi VST effects are not. So you might find a midi VSTi, which can extract midi from audio?

The widisoft one seems to be a Midi FX, not a generator, sadly… (I might be wrong).

On the other hand, you could try to extract midi from audio offline, outside from Renoise, and then import the midi, also this might lead to better results. Though the midi import still is kind of annoying and limited.

I had some success when I output WIDI VSTfx to Renoise MIDI IN device, but it was still acting weirdly, maybe just because it’s incapable…

I think there were plenty of iOS apps (and maybe macos versions), which exactly are extrecting midi from songs and displaying this in a pianoroll scroller? maybe those apps also support midi over bluetooth?