Audio Interface Stops When Changing Programs Or Vsti's

Recently my Audio Interface has been working strangely. Sometimes if I change vsti in an instrument slot the interface stops and I have to do Preferences -> Audio -> Reinitialize to get it back on track. This also happens sometimes when I change patch within an vsti. Since it has started happen recently and doesn’t happen all the time I guess it has to do with some kind of overload but I really dont know. Can it depend on any change since Renoise 1.9 or have I done some idiotic setting?

Anybody got any idea of what I might have done wrong? It’s a TC Electronic desktop konnekt 6. set at 44.1 kHz.

Does this happen with a specific VST?

I had weird stuff happen after “upgrading” my copy of TRASH. I wrote the developers, they confirmed the problem, and told me to downgrade back to the previous version. Did you “upgrade” some VST recently?

Optionally, there’s a little question mark [?] icon you can click on. Maybe mess around with the settings.

I can’t say it happen with specific vst, it’s kind of random but it often happen whenever WDM is being used, which is a bit weird since I have been able to use both ASIO and WDM at the same time before. TC electronic writes something briefly in their support site that problems can occur with XP SP3 (which I have upgraded to) and since it’s a firewire interface I guess I have to live with it.

Why would one need SP3? I believe this was a very minor update, you could uninstall the update in the software manager (if you also check the option to show all Microsoft Updates)

It never were my intention to install SP3 since I’m most eager of keeping a working system intact but virus struck and I formatted…

Butka, did you ever manage to find a resolve for this issue?

I’ve recently bought the Konnekt 6 and it is doing exactly the same thing for me (only I’m on Vista). Worst still TC support don’t seem to have any ideas (after asking a few very basic questions they have gone disturbingly quiet on the support site).

Well I have not had the problem latetly but I can’t remember which microsoft hotfixes I installed. Check out TC’s version history, it includes some suggestions for problem solving Konnekt Version History

There are by the way new drivers (2.2.1) but I can’t say if it resolves the issue.

Thanks for the reply and help. Unfortunately, I am running vista so the hot fixes wouldn’t be applicable.

I have installed the new drivers but still experience the same issues. When even just putting one of Renoise native plug-ins on a channel, it seems to make the program halt completely (despite the fact that there is no real CPU spike).

I guess all I can do is hope that I can get some kind of useful response from TC… fingers crossed then!

Also when putting on a simple device like the Gainer?
The native compressors require buffering and also PDC is applied for the latency those plugs create.
Perhaps fiddling with your audio-cards buffering options might clear up some things (raising buffers)…
Also, i read in one of your older posts your device is a firewire device… FireWire and audiocards are known to have problems. Most of them are related to the chipset on the mainboard that controls the FireWire interface.
What chipset does your MoBo has?
Not many chipsets have an excellent communication with FireWire devices. Texas Instruments is one of them, if you own a mainboard with that chipset, you should have the least of problems.
VIA chipsets are crap for FireWire control. If you have one of those chipsets, i would recommend you to pick an audiocard that uses a different interface.

Hi vV, thanks for your response.

I don’t have issues with the gainer specifically but the use of the native filter, distortion, compressor and EQ all send it loopy. This is with a Texas Chipset connected with the 4-pin cable.

I’ve raised the buffer to pretty high settings and the problems still seems to persist. TC also include a special range of ‘safe modes’ which seem to adjust latency and other features to increase reliability but, again, these do not seem to resolve the issue.

I have just been back to the shop where I bought it to see if they had any suggestions. They are due for a new delivery of Konnekt 6’s at the end of the week so I guess I can try replacing the hardware or alternatively looking at another interface such as the Edirol UA-25EX, though I don’t have much experience with this particular model.

Strange though that Cubase never drops the ASIO-driver in this manner. Since ASIO and WDM are two different drivers and the TC-konnekt interfaces are able to use both ASIO and WDM at the same time I believe that there’s something in Renoise that causes this. But then again it can be TC’s drivers that does not comply with Renoise and then it I guess I have to live with this from time to time.

Exactly, for me it’s happening so frequently that it is imposible to work with though. Plus, some incredibly strange things are happening.

When I open up ‘Jing’ to video the audio drop outs i.e. the latency checker and TC Near Conrol Panel, Renoise works perfectly (well not perfectly but alot more consistently).

I’m far from technical but this has to be more than a simple case of sod’s law… Why on earth would recording the screen impact on the consistency of the audio drop outs?

I find it most annoying when I want to browse the web for sounds while working with Renoise, when I move window-focus away from Renoise and played a sound (with wdm) the Asio-driver is released/dropped when I move focus back to Renoise. Then I have to use the Reinitialize-button.

You are even lucky that you can do that… some Asio drivers lock everything else out and you can’t browse no sounds outside it (in spite of Renoise in the foreground or background).
troubleless ASIO driver sharing is a rare feature in the soundcard world, nothing Renoise can solve.

Yes I know but it works with Cubase.

I thought that the trick with Cubase is: they use their own drivers and surpass the system drivers.
I think if you would try the same trick with Logic or Fruity Loops or Reason, you will be disappointed how those systems perform with the system ASIO drivers.

I’m with you there.

Well, unfortuantely I have no idea what is going on with your WDM drivers (mine seem to work fine when switching between Renoise and other programs) but I am one step closer to resolving the problems with the audio drops-outs.

I was mystified as to why the ‘Jing’ program made Renoise work suddenly. Then by a strange twist of fate, a friend of mine started explaining to me how in laptops, graphics cards use the RAM (which apparentely isn’t the case with desktops).

Sure enough, when you record video with Jing the frame rate drops. After a bit of by messing about with the GUI settings, dropping the framerate and lowering the resolution, things are alot smoother.

It’s still not perfect and there are very occasional drop-outs but it is bearable and at the end of the day, all I want to do is make music!

I am beginning to believe that it is my motherboard that sucks ass and is not well suited for audio-production. Not much to do. I better be happy that it works as “well” as it does anyway.

The thing that gets me is, essentially the Konnekt 6 is a interface aimed at the budget studio/beginner.

If you’re going to target that market, you have to be aware that it is unlikely that the consumer is going to have spent alot of money on their pc/laptop/firewire chipset and design the product to reflect this… I’d like to beleive that for these reasons that it is not the chipset but who knows?

Since writing the previous post, I had a day of everything working before experiencing issues again.

I have now got the Edirol UA-25ex which connnects via USB. Installed the drivers and was away in minutes no issues! It is a shame though because the konnekt 6 is a great little interface when it’s running properly - I hope you have more luck than me Butka!