Audio-Interface With Renoise?

I’m thinking about buying a RME DSP (Nuendo) and use it with my Renoise, but is it possible to plug (Jack) a vocal-microphone in such audio-interface and combine a vocoder vst in Renoise in live-performance?

I tried asking the same question on the Renoise IRC-channel and got the answer:

  • You need a hardware mic preamp to connect it to your soundcard i’m afraid
  • Unless it has one built in you can enable via software but i wouldnt know

Can anyone help me?


I imagine a big thing like that has no need for a preamp- should have phantom power no?. You ought to be able to do it by monitoring the vocals wet. If it’s a vocoder VST it may be that you have to send the carrier to left channel and the modulator to the right or vice versa ie use three tracks; one for your vocals (mod) one for the instrument (carrier) both panned to opposite sides going to a send track with the vocoder.
Learn how to use send tracks and how to use audio record and monitor functions.
:> hope tjhis helps

checking the manual to see if it has +48dB input should answer your question, the company website should have the manual available; anyway I also think that it should be there.

I highly rate the RME cards. Have the old DSP9632 PCI card in my desktop and it’s been rock solid for the last 5-6 years although very rarely turned off.

As far as I know the analogue inputs are line level only (balanced on TRS jack.) Although the image you have linked is the Multiface this is not in production anymore and has been replaced by the Multiface II. Have you been offered the original secondhand or something? Multiface II is still interface I am looking at if I ever feel I get serious enough to warrant the upgrade.

In fact the beginning of the blurb for their QuadMic box states that the Multiface does not and that’s part of the reason them producing the device.