Audio Interfaces

So I’m building a desktop PC for Windows/OSX soon and looking at finally getting a quality audio interface that’s pci express based or firewire.
Also are there interfaces that let you use either port on the same device?
It’d be nice being able to use the interface on other computers with firewire.

I’d like at least 24bit/96khz quality and at least 4 ins/4 outs + MIDI.

Suggestions appreciated. Thanks

Check out the interfaces by T.C. Electronic. Good drivers and good support. Converters are pretty good for the price range (although certainly not high end quality).

Quick thread hijack: If I’m not recording anything into my soundcard than can I get away with having one from the lower end of the market? (On a students budget here :) )

If you don’t mind having audio output latency as well (including when recording notes through Midi devices into Renoise) then yes you can get away with it.

your best bet is to look what is available and what suits your pocket, then head for ebay to find a deal on new/used…

PS vV, how do you like your sound card? I found it at a great discount:

I sequence everything so I can’t imagine this being much of a problem?

[font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]Mark and others http://www.tcelectro…/impacttwin.asp this looks like TCs latest thing that seems appropriate for me.
What do you think?

looks pretty good to me. It’s like half the price if i order from the US but not sure about the power cable.
what are some other manufactures to check out?


Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 :wub:

We just ordered a couple Impacts for work, we’ll let you know how they go… DC adaptor plug at the back, so you could use a standard adaptor as long as the spec rating is the same with amps.

is that the one you have?

what i don’t get is why this and other interfaces have more outputs than inputs.

Yes, and I love it. I had several PCI-E cards and external interfaces but they all had to much background/computer noise. Mostly the cheaper (around 100 euro’s) e-mu and m-audio stuff.
If you need more inputs you can buy this thing for 8 more.

Because some people still prefer to mix using an analogue desk and / or effects (wish I had the luxury to make such choices!).

Most people recording guitar, vocals, etc won’t need more than a pair of / stereo inputs but the additional outputs can be very useful, for example when performing with live musicians who need a metronome / monitor feed (to stay in time) that you don’t want the audience to hear.

What’s your budget?

EMU 1616M or something from RME or Apogee.

I’ll say $600.
USD dollar is worth 99c of an australian dollar today but like i was saying buying gear USA is almost half the price sometimes.

ah that makes sense. i suppose you then record the mix with the same interface or to tape.
i recently bought this mixer on impulse. http://www2.yamaha.c…g82cx_en_om.pdf

Maybe it’s a little bit of a thread hijacking, sorry… :blush:
I’m thinking of getting me an M-Audio Fastrack Pro (USB).
It’s constantly getting cheaper as we speak… Thanks, dollar rate! :lol:
So, short question:
Goodie or Nogoodie?

Fastrack Pro is quite unreliable (like most of the M-Audio stuff). I wouldn’t recommend it.

I’d recommend RME, but that’s a bit above your budget. For this kind of money, you can get this nice alternative:

Motu Ultralite MK3, connectable via USB or Firewire.

It’s around $600,- I think :)

really impressed with that one. loving that it has all those built in effects.

what’s better about the RMEs?
you suggest the FireFace’s right?

Yep, the Fireface. It basicly boils down to the fact that they have worldclass AD/DA conversion. However, the Motu card is great as well, don’t get me wrong on that :) I’m pretty sure most of the people don’t hear the difference any way.

I’m about to purchase the Motu card for live usage. I will make a post with thoughts when I used it :)